Ladies & A Gentleman's Chest

It's not very often you score a "white whale" on Craigslist - or in my case, a teak whale:

I think I got lucky because the listing (written by an interesting Russian man as I found out at pick-up) was titled "Drawers."  Any furniture flipper's usual search for dresser would have ruled it out - so luck was on my side!

Upon closer inspection I found out the full good news and bad news.  The bad news:  there was some serious damage on the base - mysterious splatter stains and what appeared to be some water damage.  But here was the good news: it was certifiably a true Danish Mid-Century Modern piece.

Very exciting!  Once he was home, the repair-sleuthing began.  I had to figure out how to treat the mystery splatter and how to repair any wood rot.  I tried stripping the finish to see if that would get the splotchy stains off - no such luck.  I tried carving out the bubbled and soft wood on the base so I could correct it with wood filler.  Futile.  And as I chipped away at the damage, I began to realize from the stench it was not water damage I was dealing with at all.  It was dog urine!  YUCK!!!  Now what?!  Who would want to buy a dresser that's already been claimed by some pooch's bottomless bladder?! 

Not gonna lie - I panicked a little.  I lay it down on it's back to put some desperate elbow grease in it.  After trying a few more things (to no avail) and pacing around the garage for a while, I noticed the affected area seemed to be contained to the base and not the drawers.  Upon even closer inspection, the rotten "shoe" proved to be removable!  I was saved! 

I couldn't unscrew that stinky piece of wood fast enough.  And go figure, my natural instinct was to replace it with sleek tapered legs.  You know me...

I sanded the whole beast down to a buttery-soft naked smooth.  Then I oiled him up with some Watco (wow that sounds sexual).

Every suspected drop of urine was buffed right out. (Twice for good measure).

Now, instead of being greeting by a fowl smell, you can take in the rich and pleasant wood grain.


You can actually appreciate the dovetailed drawers are and beautifully crafted wooden tracts.

The storage goes on for days...

and days...

Yessir, he's a gentleman just as bit as dapper as the lucky fella (or lady) who will one day take him home ;)


Mid-Century Danish Gentleman's Chest
45"L x 18"D x 45"H
$800  SOLD

Hey Washington, DC friends!  If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please email me at