Reader Design: Lejla's Light & Bright Atlanta Apartment

Hello, StyleMutt World! I'm McKenna, the newest addition to the team. I'll be sharing my humble abode with you all in a couple of days - just waiting on one tardy package to arrive. But FIRST, I'm going to introduce you to Lejla and her light & bright apartment in Atlanta, GA.

Lejla and I actually went to high school together in Richmond, VA - Go Rebels! -  back in the day and have reconnected over Instagram. I'm continually both inspired and intimidated by the ability of everyone's favorite app to keep us connected. 

Now, on to the good stuff...
From Lejla:

This is the first apartment my husband and I moved into since moving down to the city. It has large windows and very high ceilings; in fact, at first I thought ‘how am I going to fill up those walls?’, but now I have learned to embrace them.

Okay, I think we can all agree that Lejla nailed this year's pineapple trend - all while staying true to what she describes as her "rustic glam" style. It's a look that Restoration Hardware has perfected to a T. And in my opinion, so has Lejla! 

I love weathered wood and shimmery objects. Whites, grays, and hints of gold make for a great color palette without going out of style.

And now this... this motto is something I can get behind. And I bet my local florist would agree! 

Fresh flowers are a weekly binge; they are my favorite grocery run and bring so much life to a room! My motto is, ‘splurge on great furniture and enhance it with chic accessories such as pillows, books, candles, or flowers!’
My favorite room to unwind and relax in is my bedroom. It’s bright, calm, and relaxing, and after a long day, there is nothing better than plopping down on that comfy bed!

Lejla's husband Arnel is a photographer, so most of the art in the apartment is actually his work. If only we were all so lucky! I'll have to remember to tactfully recommend a new hobby to my boyfriend...

Lejla, we're so excited to celebrate your beautiful home! Thank you for inviting us along. Follow Lejla at @lejla_oh523 to see more!

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