Reader Design: Sarah's PNW Masterpiece

As most of you know, I recently moved from the East Coast (DC) to Seattle, WA - and man is the Pacific Northwest living up to my expectations. Everything is so welcome, cozy, and calm here! 

Today, we're headed to Portland, Oregon to check out Sarah's stunning home. Are you ready? When I say stunning, I mean it! 


Sarah's home, which she shares with her husband, is a modern glam lover's dream. It's as if you've stumbled into the coolest little hotel in LA or Paris, but it's rented out privately for you...forever. Since Sarah and her husband are both creatives, it was key to them that their home be inspiring creatively and completely true to them. 

From Sarah: 

It is important to us to live in a home that inspires us and those that visit. I basically wanted our house to feel like a glam boutique hotel, similar to some we have stayed at on our travels!

This means lots of swoon-worthy textiles (shout-out to all my velvet couch lovers out there), organic elements like plants, and brass accents. 

Besides our incredible couch, the coffee table is my favorite piece! I drove an hour to pick it up from someone selling it on Facebook Marketplace and when I got there, the guy selling them gave me a matching console table and side table! They are Karl Springer and I got an AMAZING deal. I feel like anything brass and glass is very “me”.

Sarah has played around with various inspirations outside her "travel-inspired chic boutique" theme, including the "jungalow" style we've all come to admire - with its wicker and bamboo, tons of plants, and bright colors - touches of which are easy to spot in Sarah's design. 

In general, I stay away from trends and only buy and use what I truly love and could live with for years. But there are some trends that are just sooooo good! For me, it’s been wicker/bamboo. The “jungalow” style is so amazing and I am really drawn to many aspects of it, but ultimately, I’m more comfortable with the minimalism and glam of the style I’ve created.

And this style doesn't necessarily have to break the bank either! Sarah stalked the beautiful brass mirror in the dining room at a vintage store until it was marked 50% off; she recovered a basic Joss & Main headboard with green velvet for the master bedroom, and her mom helped her sew the bedskirt. DIY for the win! 

I am ALL about finding a good deal. I will spend big bucks if I know I’m getting the best deal. But like in fashion, I like to calculate the cost per use, so I am willing to splurge on super practical items that will get a lot of use.

The complete product is one of the most interesting and gorgeous homes I've seen; Sarah, we salute you! Thanks for the tour. 

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Reader Design: Kelly's Transitional Bungalow

We're headed to the Midwest today, checking out Kelly's Iowa City, Iowa 1940's bungalow. Get it while it's hot, friends, because Kelly, her husband, and their two precious pups are actually moving to Virginia soon! 

This rental brings the charm, and Kelly has carefully and lovingly filled it with meaningful pieces from all different phases of life. It blends trends and aesthetics in a way that feels effortless - and it must have been effortless to actually do, since Kelly didn't have a particular style in mind when decorating! In fact, she had to 'phone to friend' to pinpoint her style. 

I believe every style has it’s own unique beauty and I tend to love them all. I asked a friend how she’d describe our current residence and loved her answer: ‘playful transitional, with a splash of casual glamour/ Hollywood Regency, and some southern charm peppered in.’ Sounds about right to me!

You can feel hints of Kelly's Texas upbringing and time in California for college throughout the home - with the cowhide in the dining room or the midcentury media stand. I have to say though... my favorite pieces are more New England in style. I just adore those nautical framed prints in the living room. Kelly, your in-laws are seriously on-trend - what a great gift! 


Another meaningful piece is prominently featured in the bedroom.

In our bedroom, the white buffet brings back so many memories. My husband and I found it while we were living in California at a thrift store. It was sponge painted in blue gold and, needless to say, quite a sight. Together we painted it white, replaced the drawer pulls, and stained the wood top. I definitely think it’s one of our ‘forever’ pieces, for not only the look but for the nostalgia as well!

This rental sure is a great find, and Kelly, I'm sure you'll miss it (but mostly this adorable screened-in porch) when you move! You managed to create the warm, comfortable, and welcoming home you set out to make, with exactly the right amount of glam. Hats off, Kelly. 

Thank you for letting us in! And you must let us know when you're settled in my home state - we'll invite ourselves over for a virtual visit. 

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Emerald + Gold Chairs

How many times have we seen office chairs like these?  Forgettable vinyl steelcase seats with laminate wood arm rests.  I myself saw these on craigslist a few weeks ago and kept on scrolling.  


But somehow, on the back-most burner of my brain, an idea began to percolate.  I lazily kept my eye on the post while the idea brewed and just when a solid vision started forming... the craigslist post was gone.  

Whomp Whomp

Had someone else seen what I had seen in these chairs??  Would I ever be able to bring my now piping-hot vision to life??  My FOMO kicked in and I started hangrily looking for a suitable substitute only to turn up a whole lotta nada.  Then a miracle occurred.  A few weeks later, the post reappeared on Craigslist!  The chairs had not sold - the post had only expired!  My project had not been poached.  I could I finally try out my hopefully genius (albeit simple) refinishing strategy:

Go for the Gold

Green and gold that is.  It's no secret Chelsea and I love how emerald and brass play off each other (see here and here to name a few ;).  

When I first saw these chairs, my brain must have subconsciously flagged them as having all the right lines for a modern, glam pair of chairs.  Once it occurred to me that our favorite faux gold treatment would instantly elevate the look of these chairs, I had to get a piece of that action.  

I was too impatient to wait for a sunny spring day to paint the frame so I tried spray painting on a misty morning.  The result ended up being a "beautiful blooper" as my mother would call it.  The moisture in the air didn't let the paint settle evenly which added a unique dimension to the patina.  If you want to recreate this effect (no matter the weather), I suggest intermittently using a spray bottle filled with water while the paint is still wet.

The laminate arm rests were a dead giveaway that these chairs were waiting area seats in a past life so needless to say - they had to go.  I affixed some brass nail heads to hide the old holes left from the screws.  

I love how the shiny new finish on the chairs instantly have that emerald vinyl running in the same social circles as trendy high-end occasional chairs.  Such a simple trick to transform them from lackluster to luxe!


Emerald + Gold Chairs
Now Available for Sale
22"W x 23"D x 31.5"H
$350 for the pair

If you're interested in these chairs or a custom order like it, please email