StyleMutt Trend Alert!

You've heard of tiny living.  Many of us have.  It's the new sensation sweeping the nation (and the DIY community) to move into a mobile small-space home to minimize expenses and maximizing experiences.

Now tiny house living is not for everyone.  We get that - we can't all pair down to 200ish sq ft.  But how about 24 sq ft?

In our area of Washington D.C. suburbs, commuting is huge! Many folks spend ample amounts of time in their car, so why not make it a bit...cozier?

This area is probably the most neglected in the home decor department.  Other than those fluffy dice or questionable scented air fresheners that are 5 years past their prime, most cars are stuck with old fast food baggies, fuzzy fruit snacks and lost sippy cups.

But imagine the possibilities with all those square inches of space! It doesn't take much to jump on this trend - you probably have all of these items in your own home!

Less floor space means you don't need a large area rug - just a runner or a bath mat will do.

Accent with art - it doesn't take up much space but has large impact.

And if you're lucky enough to drive a minivan, throw open that trunk door and enjoy the freedom of your indoor-outdoor mobile living space!

Pick some pillows and blankets to really make the place feel homey. (I highly recommend to carry the color scheme by accenting with tail-light red.)

And when you see those break lights a-flashing, it may be time to pull out the old guitar and enjoy a spur of the moment jam-sesh. Around here, you could be stuck for any number of hours for any number of reasons so why not enjoy yourself a little!

As long as you have gas in the tank, you'll always have a portable living room or reading nook.

Or a designer space to just to park.  But just remember - the possibilities are limited and so is your battery!

Until next year, friends...

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