New Trend Alert: When Fashion Meets Decor

Hi Friends! With so many factors influencing today's trends, it's gotten near impossible to keep up! We find it best to balance the classics with nods to our favorite trends in an effort to keep things fresh without losing appeal. While we approach trends with caution and choose wisely which ones we'll incorporate in our work, there is, every now and then, a trend we are ready to run with at first sighting!

Today we're sharing such a trend we have recently come upon - and whether you're a traditionalist or a trend-setter, this is one we can see taking all of design by a storm! The best way to share it, we figure, is to show you!

There's a new phenomenon of dressing throw pillows in clothes. Silly as it may sound, it's actually brilliant! Add instant versatility to your wardrobe and get even more bang for your buck when you wear your clothes AND dress your pillows! Save on pillow covers and multiply the use for every article of clothing:

Afraid to step out in grandma's old fur for fear of animal rights activists? Pish-posh! Dress your pillow with finesse!

Getting ready for a cozy date-night-in? Set the mood with something a bit more....revealing.

Hosting a dinner party with mixed-company? Play it safe with a transitional piece that is sensible and sweet.

This trend is so versatile that you can also incorporate it in the bedroom.  It makes for a fun twist on his and hers pillows - no mistaking who's side of the bed is who's!


The proximity to your closet makes it even easier to color-coordinate your pillow's outfit with the other décor of the room. 


And as you switch out your wardrobe each season, you can easily do the same with your accent pillows.  We've been sporting the chunky sweater look for fall and winter, but just think of the countless possibilities!  


And as an added bonus, you can easily reposition the looks to keep things spicy...


Well we hope you all are having a wonderful joy-filled Easter with your loved ones.  And we hope you found this quick PSA both inspiring and insightful!  


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StyleMutt Trend Alert!

You've heard of tiny living.  Many of us have.  It's the new sensation sweeping the nation (and the DIY community) to move into a mobile small-space home to minimize expenses and maximizing experiences.

Now tiny house living is not for everyone.  We get that - we can't all pair down to 200ish sq ft.  But how about 24 sq ft?

In our area of Washington D.C. suburbs, commuting is huge! Many folks spend ample amounts of time in their car, so why not make it a bit...cozier?

This area is probably the most neglected in the home decor department.  Other than those fluffy dice or questionable scented air fresheners that are 5 years past their prime, most cars are stuck with old fast food baggies, fuzzy fruit snacks and lost sippy cups.

But imagine the possibilities with all those square inches of space! It doesn't take much to jump on this trend - you probably have all of these items in your own home!

Less floor space means you don't need a large area rug - just a runner or a bath mat will do.

Accent with art - it doesn't take up much space but has large impact.

And if you're lucky enough to drive a minivan, throw open that trunk door and enjoy the freedom of your indoor-outdoor mobile living space!

Pick some pillows and blankets to really make the place feel homey. (I highly recommend to carry the color scheme by accenting with tail-light red.)

And when you see those break lights a-flashing, it may be time to pull out the old guitar and enjoy a spur of the moment jam-sesh. Around here, you could be stuck for any number of hours for any number of reasons so why not enjoy yourself a little!

As long as you have gas in the tank, you'll always have a portable living room or reading nook.

Or a designer space to just to park.  But just remember - the possibilities are limited and so is your battery!

Until next year, friends...

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Fleekest Design Trend of 2016

Well wouldn't you know, body alignment trumps feng shui! In a recent study done by the chiropractic school at University of Phoenix Online, the human spine does not like to be in a reclined position. In fact, the hours that we spend leaning back into our sofas and chairs every day is causing irreparable damage to our body alignment.

Instead, it is advised to turn your seating around and drape your body over the backrest. This will prevent further damage being done and keep our backs and core strong!

A reversed couch or chair even promotes fitness by forcing you to stretch for the remote when it's being held captive by your family's remote hog.  

And allows for you to truly reflect on whether you should be spending your free time watching TV.

Especially when there's nothing good on.

This news is sweeping through home design world-wide as professionals are encouraging their clients to turn their seating around. It's a concept that may seem strange at first, but once you are draped over the backrest of your favorite sofa to catch up on the Walking Dead, you'll never remember why you ever reclined in the first place. This is so much better!

April Fools3.jpg
April Fools2.jpg

Be ahead of the trend and turn your seating around before your next dinner party.  This new configuration will undoubtedly encourage better and more meaningful conversations between you and your house guests as you prop for a chat in the living room.  And your guests will thank you for saving their backs!

You heard it here first,