Reader Design: Heather's Preppy & Coastal Abode

Heather, of Pineapples and Pearls, has graciously welcomed us into her new Washington, D.C. apartment. You'll soon find that her home is a perfect mirror to her style: preppy, coastal, and totally welcoming. 

Heather's aesthetic is as sweet as her dimples. This place just invites you to take a seat, have a sip of prosecco, and stay a while.
From Heather: 

I moved into this apartment by myself last month from a much larger apartment that I shared with a roommate. It’s been a fun challenge to make everything work in a 530 sq ft space!
Mixing colors and patterns has never been a fear of mine, so nothing is off limits, though I’ve kept a navy, coral, and turquoise theme running throughout the entire apartment. When the main color palette remains cohesive, it’s no big deal to throw in an animal print chair here or a glitter tray there. I like to think I’ve created a space that’s colorful, bright, just a bit girly, and also comfortable.

... And boy did she nail that animal print! Right now, I think we can all agree that the world of design is obsessed with neutral minimalism. But I completely admire Heather for her ability to just go with it - and make a space that is totally hers. They say that the best compliment is when someone walks into your space and says "this is SO you!" And even though I haven't met Heather in person, I know that she is represented perfectly.

While my style is definitely colorful and modern, I love mixing in older pieces. The trunk in my living room came from my grandmother and is well over 100 years old. The nudes above my desk (with the exception of the blue one, which is from a local DC artist!) were done by my grandfather, who dabbled in every art form you can think of.

And for those StyleMutt loyalists who saw Lejla's post - AGAIN we have the pineapple trend. It's everywhere. I perused my favorite local boutique this past weekend, and was completely tempted by a gold pineapple shaker. I passed on it, but that decision and practice in abstinence haunts me. 

I didn’t want to spend a lot on redecorating and wanted to work with what I already had, while still ending up with something that felt totally different than my previous apartment. I hadn’t set out for a coral and navy room, but I love the way it came together!

Thank you, Heather, for sharing for beautiful space with us! We've loved getting to share your specific 'breed' of style with our mutts! 

Until next time, 

Anthropologie 'Sura' Inspired Dresser

Happy Memorial Day US friends, stateside and overseas! A heartfelt thank you to those men and women and their families who serve or have served this beautiful country we call home.

I cooked up a little Before+After to serve on this special day - one that wasn't even in the works a week ago! It all started mid-week last week when the Anthropologie home catalog landed in our mailbox. I was taken to another world at every flip of a page, but when I got to their 'Sura' collection, it was more than swooning; I was immersed! I snapped this pic of the page:

So vibrant and edgy! I love a good all-over patter and knew this was one to try. I got on Craigslist to see if there were any decent candidates to experiment with. Hello, modern four-drawer dresser! Welcome to The Garage!

Now, what to use for my stencil? I thought about carving my own stencil out of cardboard; a method I've used before and have liked. But I didn't like the idea of painting the design on with a brush. I wanted it much more uneven, worn, and faded looking. Anthro used actual triangular pieces of wood turned all different directions and with a beautiful white washed stain. I wasn't going to cut a zillion wood triangles and fit them together like a Rubik's Cube. I hate those things. Instead, I cut some sponges down until I got the size I liked for the height of the drawers.

Sadly, about 5 sponges were harmed in the making of this transformation. But when I got the size I wanted, this makeover was a breeze! I brushed the paint, (Old White by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint), onto the sponges, and just pressed them onto the drawer fronts at random. Then I painted the body in Old White and called it Done!

By not overloading the sponges with paint, the pattern went on exactly how I had hoped, (which doesn't always happen)! A little crackly, uneven,  and true to the faded finish of my inspired Anthro pieces.

Here's a little behind the scenes action of StyleMutt Home at my house; whenever I'm staging and shooting photos, there are usually at least 20 children behind me in the bodies of 3, that need one thing or another. They'll be happily content until the camera comes out. This one was tired of waiting for (more) snack behind the camera, so he put himself front and center. Well played, young one. Well played.

It's a bold pattern, yes, but the right piece fell into my hands following a heaping dose of inspiration. One can't just ignore circumstances as perfect as that, right?!

4-drawer dresser now available for sale
40.25"H x 35"W x 19"D
Contact me with questions or interest!

Thank you all for stopping by and have a fun and safe holiday!