Rustic Votive Holders {Holiday DIY No. 4}

Hey guys! We're barely into December but the holiday festivities are truckin' right along. We've been under the weather in our home since the week of Thanksgiving, and that's forced us, (me), to really lay the brakes on and focus the small reserve of energy on what I really care about; my people. Here are some of my favorite moments from the last week and a half...

Goodness me, there is much to be grateful for. (I was singing a different tune a week ago when we were bogged down by the flu and I was hosting one of the worlds largest pity parties. Such a wuss! But so grateful.)

I'm excited to share this DIY project today because, truthfully, it was a happy accident! Over the summer we changed the legs on our sectional sofa - we, (Matt), ended up making the new legs from cut up blocks of 4 x 4 which we stained in Minwax 'Ash'. Since we had three extras sitting out in the garage, I thought they'd make awesome votive holders! I wasn't wrong...

This was really, really easy, folks. We pre-drilled a hole about 2" into the center of each block, and screwed in a hanger, (to do this, just wrap a dry cloth around the hanger, then use pliers to twist the hanger into the hole).

I left the top bare, but you could have some serious fun painting a complementing color to your own décor.

Then I screwed a hole into the bottom of the candle, about an inch to an inch and a half deep, just to keep it secure.

All done!

If the thought of cutting a 4 x 4 plank of wood doesn't excite you, you could either a) Grab a hardware store employee and ask them to cut it for you, (they do this for free at the big chains like Home Depot and Lowes), or b) Ask a store employee if there is any scrap wood leftover from other people's cuts which you could take.

Rather BUY than DIY?

Check these out from Tellus360Shop on Etsy!

I'll be signing off until Monday when I'll be back to share our full holiday home tour, but Cate's got another goodie for ya coming up tomorrow, (Friday)!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a fab weekend!