Modern or Coastal ||Flip List Item No.2||

So I'm trolling craigslist [like I've been known to do] and I found a modern dresser in need of some TLC.  Now normally, I would pass right by a laminate dresser but this piece was... special.

It's hard to tell in this pic, but this "white monster" as I've affectionately nicknamed it, had a weird cream/white two tone thing going on.  But it was still a modern dresser with glossy-fronted drawers that slide like butter.  It the perfect candidate for Furniture Flip Bucket List item No.2: wrap a piece in a wood shim treatment.  

wood shims taper off to one end so that you can wedge them in to help level something.  I could have used flat wood and gotten more of a butcher-block look, but I wanted to use shims to recreate this uneven affect in my inspiration photo:

So I went about covering the bright-white yucky laminate portions of the dresser with the wood shims: the top, sides, and toe-kick.  I started out with the intention of creating a polished modern look like the photo above but as I worked on it, it began to steer me in a different direction.

I liked how raw and rustic the cedar shims looked untreated (and not to mention the cedar smelled AH-MAH-ZING).  So I just went with it and ended up with a piece that's both modern and coastal:

To play off the unfinished wood's beachy vibes, I styled it with some tropical leaves [that I may or may not have harvested from a decorative potted plant in a parking lot.  I kinda felt like Chelsea did when "smuggling" home some paint sticks for this DIY project].

I then added a couple seaside touches like this piece of coral.

To play up the dresser's more modern side, I added vintage candle sticks with clean lines.  Despite the uneven surface, the shims are narrow enough that items large and small can find a flat surface to rest on anywhere across the top.

Photo Oct 31, 11 45 44 AM-001.jpg

And modern satin nickel knobs on the glossy drawer fronts make a nice modern finishing touch.

All together the piece sings a modern-coastal song:

Photo Oct 31, 11 43 38 AM (1)-002.jpg

Modern Coastal Dresser


As for the progress on my 2015 flip bucket list, that means I've got 6 down and 1 to go before the end of the year.  Woot Woot!

Want to catch up?  Since January, I've crossed off items:
and now No.2: wood shim treatment

Here's to hoping that I can squeeze in item No.1: Build my Own Bakers Rack before 2016!

Reader Design: Julie's Breath of Fresh Air in SoCal

Alright, friends. It's Friday, you've gotten this far, and we are ready to treat you to another spectacular Reader Design home tour for StyleMutt Home Spaces. There will be no loud exclamation points. No all caps. This quiet beauty lends itself well to relaxation and a cup of tea, if you're in the mood. So make yourself comfortable and come on in. :)

Our hostess du jour is one of our dear distant friends from across the country in Southern California, Julie. We've had the pleasure of getting to know Julie on Instagram, (@juler54), and her home is such a reflection of her kind and gentle spirit. She has a true hostess heart and I imagine her door is often open.

So let's take a peek inside, shall we? :)

Living Room

Dining Room




Can you believe this view?! It just doesn't quit!

Aren't you feeling refreshed after that? I know I am. Thank you so much, Julie, for inviting us in to your beautiful home!

Don't forget you can post your home photos on our Facebook wall or tag #stylemuttspaces on Instagram to express interest in sharing your home tour here at StyleMutt Home! We've got a stellar growing collection of tours on our Spaces page and would love to add yours!

Thank you all for stopping by and enjoy your weekend! If you're local we would LOVE to see you this weekend at the Sweet Clover Barn 'Back to Style' Labor Day sale! Saturday & Sunday, 10am-5pm, 4051 Stanford Ct. Frederick, MD!