Eclectic Winter Tour

Welcome friends! Thank you for stopping by on the Winter Eclectic Home Tour hosted annually by Jess Rey from Domicile 37!  Ok before we begin my holiday tour, I should probably tell you that I've recently realized something very important: Christmas décor stresses me out. 

Now, I'm not saying I'm a Grinch - just that I'm stressed!  I know this is foolish.  (My husband who's middle name is Christmas tells me this often.)  Christmas is a joyous time of year!  A time for family, generosity, and humility.  And yet, I can't get past the feeling that our little apartment gets turned upside-down when the holiday décor comes out!  So this year, I challenged myself to find a way to have my fruit cake and eat it too.

If you're popping by from A Designer at Home - welcome! We are StyleMutt Home, a sister-in-law duo  (Chelsea & Cate) who love to mix and match a myriad of styles in the pieces we refinish and the spaces we design...

We have a small apartment - a modest 800 sq.ft.  The addition of a grand Christmas tree can easily overwhelm our little living space.  For that reason, I tried to keep my usual décor intact and with only a few low-impact, holiday additions.


I started by choosing a smaller tree this year than those we've used in the past.  It's all dressed up in our hodge-podge of ornaments - many of them handmade (not because we have kids, but because my husband and I were straight poor our first Christmas).  I spent hours cutting up everything from pizza boxes, old sweaters, and Christmas cards from the first year we were married. 


Every year, I like to read the sweet sentiments on the folds of the ornaments and remember a time that we may have been broke but we had everything we needed: each other and our then recently-adopted best dog in the world.


In addition to the usual red-beaded garland, I finished our little tree with some ribbons of leather in my beloved Camel color.


The smaller tree meant less furniture re-arranging and the rest of the living room could stay pretty close to normal:

The cot under the window where our dog loves to perch


Our tufted velvet sofa (scored for FREE on craigslist believe it or not!)


Our thrifted rock-star-of-a-lounge-chair we call John Bon Jovi


Behind the sofa is our little dining nook. 


We don't have a mantle so I hung our stockings on our chairs.


Across from the living room, next to the kitchen, is some built-in shelving which is currently sporting our little record collection.  This is the time of year we consistently like to have an old record on the turntable - preferably holiday classics circa the mid-century.


I hardly ever show our kitchen on these tours because well… there’s not much to show. 


But the highlight of the space is this Moroccan boucherouite runner purchased from The Gardener's House.


Each boucherouite rug is a riot of color and pattern, handwoven from recycled scraps and beautifully unique.  This one is titled "Farwell from the Farm" which lends itself to more of a work of art than a rug.  Perhaps one day, we'll have a bigger place and I'll hang it on the wall in the place of honor it deserves.


Two staples at the end of our kitchen counter is our mail-and-key bowl (a beloved wedding gift) and the porcelain lunch bag with Thor's doggy treats.

DSC02745b .jpg

Past the whimsical grid of Matisse portraits, a few steps down the hall (like 3 to be exact), is our one-and-only bedroom. 


Right when you walk into the bedroom is my perpetually cluttered dresser. 


Pasted down from (and refinished by) my mom, it is always adorned in a tangle of jewelry and usually buried under a pile of clothes (let's be honest).


My husband's dresser, on the other hand, is usually clothes-free (apparently that's what the floor is for).  *Insert eye-roll emoji


I really didn't do much to spruce up this space except add a "Merry Christmas" banner above the bed.


Currently, a lot of my plants are bunking-up to make room for the visit from cousin Christmas tree.


This might be another reason I get stressed - I'm never sure how my plant babies will react to the displacement.  Last year, my fiddle-leaf fig tree (may she rest in peace) did NOT like getting upstaged from her usual corner and promptly let herself go just to spite me.  Figadora Tonks now lives in exile - I mean on the balcony - in a corner where no one can see the incriminating evidence of my black thumb.


I am pleased to report that so far, minimizing our holiday décor seems to be treating my holiday anxiety effectively...  Of course I haven't started holiday shopping yet so that could easily change lol.


Next stop on the tour is Jessica Brigham!  Pop over to her home for more eclectic inspiration and more directions to the last stop on today's tour circuit!  Thank you again for stopping by!


Cozy Holiday Home Tour

Holiday home tour collage1.png

Hi friends! We're all decked out for this special holiday season and I've been so excited to show you around! First, we have had such a fun time checking out all of the inspiring and lovely decor that you have shared on Instagram and Facebook! Everyone has such a unique style and I just love the personal touches people create in their homes. On that note, design blogger and author, Jennifer Rizzo, has once again kindly opened up her 'blog doors' for all to share their decorated homes for a big ol' holiday 'link' party! This tour is linked there today, among so many beautifully cozy and festive homes. This isn't a voting thing, just a fun way to peek inside other peoples homes. You know you want to. (I totally do!!!) Follow the link below if you'd like to check it out!

We're kind of big on birthdays in our family, blowing up balloons and hanging streamers and banners. It's a lot of fun to decorate our home as a reflection of our celebrating the birthday person. Decorating our home for the holidays is just one of the ways we celebrate Jesus' humble birth. His birth was anticipated for 400 years before He even arrived, and still today, we celebrate. We celebrate the hope that our loving Father sent His children through the birth of this baby. 

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing,
so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.
Romans 15:13

Alright, here goes! I hope you're comfy and enjoy the 'tour'! I'm so glad you've stopped by. I thought it appropriate to start in the dining room, as this is the one room we always come together as a family most days.

Dining Room

With Fall passing us by so quickly, I wanted to use some Fall-ish elements, like pinecones, to connect the seasons together. I've had them out since October!

I was going to wait until after the holidays to share our newest build, but here it is! Our industrial pipe shelves! These were really fun to design and put together, (and surprisingly easy!), and I'll share all the deets very soon! Styling them for Christmas was a real treat.

Since we've got a decent collection of Christmas décor, accumulated over 8 years of marriage, I didn't buy hardly a thing this year. But this kissing ball? Well that was a no brainer. :)

 While our metal chairs are great for dining with little ones, (super easy to clean), they're a little chilly on the toosh in the winter! I found a really thick faux fur bath rug from HomeGoods on clearance, cut it four ways, and placed quarters over the seats. An inexpensive answer to an icy situation!

Living Room

A few small sprigs of fresh Christmas tree, (grab them from the tree lots!), replace the tea lights I usually keep in these small brass hangers.

I spy a StyleMutt Holiday DIY project!

This magazine tree was really fun to make, (and ridiculously easy)! Love this whimsical take on the Christmas tree.

The cute wooden stag came from my Grandma. It looks very homemade, like something you'd find at a craft fair, and I just love it. Aren't the oldest decorations just the best!

On another note, there are the geo painted coasters I shared from a few weeks ago, (another one of our Holiday DIYs)!

holiday home tour38.jpg

Master Bed

A few twiggy branches from the backyard bring a little of the outdoors in. The pom-pom garland from last year and some cheery red touches add some festive warmth.

Oh, look at that - another Holiday DIY project! This pom-pom wreath uses the same steps as the pom-pom garland! Learn how to make pom-poms once and you've got a couple easy projects you could try out!

holiday hoome tour3.jpg

Front Entrance

The last stop is a quick peek at our front entrance. Our homemade spoon shelf is the perfect spot for hanging coats, while the red toolbox serves as a bench for the little ones to pull their shoes on and off in the winter. The paper wreath is one of my favorite, (and oldest!), DIYs and stays up year round!

I hope you've enjoyed this little holiday tour and please hop over to the Holiday 'House Walk' to see more - so many beautifully decorated homes, all unique and true to their owners. I sure have enjoyed seeing everyone's creativity and personal touches!

Have a wonderful week, friends! Thank you so much for stopping by!