Reader Design: Amanda's Meaningful Home

This. Pad. 

Before I dive in, I'm going to give you the words of wisdom from today's Reader Design genius to start things off:

In a time when everything is getting bigger, we love that our little home is a constant reminder that you can live with less and thrive, just as many generations of families have lived in our home before us.

Today is such a treat. I have been following along with Amanda, of both Cashmere & Clover and the Rustic Owl on IG, from Kansas City, Missouri for some time now. And she is AMAZING - as are her animals that you'll see scattered throughout these photos. 

Her home is chalk full of antiques and treasured pieces. 

Amanda and her husband bought this 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom 1922 home ten years ago. They are not afraid of projects! Since the purchase, they've finished the attic to include a master bedroom and are currently renovating a master bathroom. Each room is masterfully done, serving a purpose while also being filled with only the most curated items. 

From Amanda: 

We love the character of older homes and tried to match everything from the trim to the color of the hardwood floors upstairs with the original style of the downstairs.

Several years ago we made the decision to declutter our home and simplify. We found we were buying mass produced furniture and decorating our home with things we didn’t love. Once we removed those things and painted the walls white, we were able to highlight and make the focal point in our home the things we loved that told a story.

Could you guys not sit in this place forever? Now, I'm not a cat person, but with those plants and that lighting, I would be willing to change my ways! Seems like Amanda agrees... 

We’re lucky to have lots of large windows throughout the house to give us lots of light, and the combination of the white walls and bright light really makes the space seem larger.

Amanda did such a great job with her master bedroom - which obviously, the pets also love! 

Our downstairs guest room was our bedroom before we finished the upstairs, and our elderly dog ended up injuring his back jumping down off of our tall bed. My husband [SMH interjection: the SWEETEST husband] decided to build a bed on the floor that our dog could easily get in and out of.

Our home was built in 1922, and the rooms were not designed with the idea that a bed larger than a double would ever reside in it. It takes up a majority of the room, but it’s one of my favorite pieces in the house because of the intention and story behind it.

Y'all... even the appliances are beautifully styled. Amanda is seriously on to something with this simplicity thing. 

Amanda, you're a true talent. Thank you for sharing your home with us! And give those pet babies a big style mutt squeeze for us!