Reader Design: Amy's Inspired Family Home

If you've been paying attention, you know it's been a busy week over here at StyleMutt Home! We're ringing in the holidays with holiday tours, fantastic flips, and, of course, a home feature with an Insta #mustfollow.

Cue Amy, a small business owner and mom from Massachusetts. Amy's home takes a lot of its inspirations from blogs and social media - and with her creative, professional photographer eye, she executes to perfection. 

Amy, her husband, their three kids, and two dogs moved in to this Dedham, MA home in August and since then, it's become the ultimate family home. They've taken a big home - with six fireplaces... I mean, c'mon - and made it intentional, with each space serving a special purpose. Take the living spaces - it's actually one long room that is an easy design stump for many people (oh to have the problem of too much space!), half of which is a neutral haven and the other half of which is alive with color. 

This room alone is a perfect illustration of Amy's spoken style.
From Amy:

My style is a combination of simplicity and bold splashes of color. I love a modern look with mid-century lines. While finding a style that is truly mine, I realized my house reflects my photography. Clean and bold.

Amy is also a MAKER . 

I have a slight obsession with textiles. I like to change my throw pillows like some people change their socks. I have a hard time spending a ton on a pillow. Some I found on Etsy, but all of the mudcloth and shibori pillows, I made out of Ikea shams! For the mudcloth look, it just took a little fabric paint & a ruler!

Amy definitely believes in budgeting, but not at the expense of style!  

I can honestly tell you that everything in my home is completely accessible to anyone on any budget! All it takes is an imagination and some elbow grease. I find nothing more satisfying than creating something beautiful with little to no money. Anyone can decorate a house with an unlimited budget, but creating a gorgeous space on a dime is a labor of love.

Her family moved into this Colonial to be closer to school back in August, but kept their original home as a summer escape - and just about every room proves there's a way to save! ... Every room except the wallpapered powder room, which Amy's son insisted he could have replicated with only a Sharpie. Anyone brave enough to take on that challenge??  

Now, she did let him use that creativity in this amazing comfy & cozy living room! 

I feel like I have kind of mastered Ikea-chic. My 11 year old son is very creative and loves projects. He and I found all sorts of Ikea hacks on Pinterest and we went to town. His proudest piece is the mid-century TV console in the family room. He made it himself from 2 Ikea cabinets, pretty pegs legs, and some pine boards that he carefully measured and stained.

Now for the kitchen - that was a splurge area, but with something so classic, why not spend a little to make it great? 

The master bedroom, with its dressing room complete with a fireplace, and guestroom both feature some of Amy's favorite pieces. 

I knew I wanted a MASSIVE round mirror in the house. I love this one [in the bedroom] from CB2. The bench is a knock off of the Herman Miller Nelson bench, the pillows are DIY mudcloth, and the blanket is one that I made myself with thick thick wool and needles the size of my arms!

In the guest bedroom, the statements are those pair of prints from Etsy, which Amy was able to print professionally thanks to her photography business! I don't know anyone who wouldn't be tempted to longgggg overstay their welcome in this space.

Amy, how you pulled off this home in just four months is beyond comprehension; thank you so much for inviting us in! 

Follow Amy along on Instagram or on her site. And guess what?! If you can't get enough of her pooches, Charlie and Chloe, you can follow them along on Instagram too. If today isn't a win-win-win, I don't know what is! 

Card Catalog End Tables ||And a Nod to a Fave Chick Flick||

If you have been sweet enough to follow along with me on instagram, then you may recognize these fugly babies:

Photo Jul 03, 7 32 20 PM.jpg

Now I have BIG plans to convert these 2 sad end tables into 4 sexy pieces.  As of now, I've only halfway fulfilled my promise and converted them into 2 new beautiful pieces:

Did you even recognize them?!?  Changing the legs on anything really can go a long way!  (Need further proof, check out these chairs).  

The reason why I rescued these sorry lookin' little guys was actually for the 6-paneled drawer front.  I love the idea of a faux card catalog file (all the charm without the limiting compartmentalized storage).  Once I saw past the eyeball-like white knobs, I realized they could easily be replaced with brass library pulls.

Now I know what you avid readers are thinking, "But Cate!  Why did photographing these tables outside work for you this time when you wrote all about your al fresco staging saga in your Part I and Part II posts from last week?!?"  

Am I right?  Thought so ;)  Well what I realized last week was that staging outside wasn't capturing the "feeling" I was going for the piece I was photographing.  So what changed this time?  Well... the pieces!

Staging outside didn't create the right feeling for my cowhide bench, but it totally captures the exact ambiance I wanted for these card catalog tables...

Here was my chain of thought:

Card catalog tables make me think of old libraries.  Old libraries make me think of old books.  Old books make me think of old type writers.  Old type writers make me think of old-school authors typing away while on a secluded creative retreat...  Which then lead me to think of one comical scene in one favorite movie... can you guess it?

Yup.  Love Actually.  More specifically the scene where Colin Firth's character is typing outside only to have the pages of his book blow away and land in the lake.  

Lúcia Moniz [In Portuguese]: This stuff better be good...
Colin Firth [In English]: It's not worth it, you know.  This isn't bloody Shakespeare... 

Love it.

When I first saw the view at our "summer home" I couldn't help but think this scene.  And when I was looking around for things to stage the tables with, all I had on hand was my old type writer.  Perfeito [that's Portuguese for perfect].

This pair are still for sale at Sweet Clover and will be available to firthasize about [that's Colin Firth for "fantasize"] at our second  Pop Up Shop!  We hope you pop in and say hello - Chelsea and I will be there Saturday morning and would love to meet you in person!

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