Tina's Trendy Condo

Happy pre-weekend, friends! I hope you all have plans in the works in take advantage of the temperatures that are finally dropping - at least on the East Coast!

Today's Reader Design is the perfect way to end the week. Tina is actually my neighbor in the great Bloomingdale neighborhood of D.C. For those of you planning visits to our nation's capital, be sure to check out our far NW corridor for the local spots. And Tina here happens to have one of the best places in the neighborhood. 


First things first about Tina. After getting to know her over the past month, there are a couple of things she takes very seriously: her adorable dog Riley (who you will meet in a little bit, I promise), her 5 o'clock cocktails, and her perfectly-executed shelfies. If you're not yet convinced, check this proof from her dining room / kitchen area. 

Now, I'll turn the talking over to Tina. 

My favorite part of our condo is the all of the amazing natural light. So I wanted to keep everything white, clean, and crisp — and let our furniture + textiles pop. I really love having white walls...it makes our 900 sq/ft condo feel so much bigger.

In every room of Tina's home that she shares with her husband Ricky, these white walls lend themselves to be the perfect backdrops for her styling. She's making our StyleMutt Home fave Emily Henderson proud! 

My style is definitely ever evolving and I love that I’m able to integrate some of my favorite old pieces in with the new. At the moment, I would call my style very boho with a hint of modern. My pinboards are currently filled with tons of Scandinavian design — I love anything that is simple and clean looking.

What I love about Tina's place is that it pays homage to the trends of today - the casual boho ease of it, the greenery and plants, the styling simplicity - while still staying true to Tina & Ricky. 

I think our place kind of represents a little bit of everywhere we’ve lived [on the list: DC, Austin, and San Francisco]. I think it’s a good mix of East + West coast styles!
Our West Elm bed frame was the first nice piece of furniture Ricky and I ever bought together — six years later, it’s still my favorite piece. Also, since I’m not much of a DIY fanatic...I’m pretty proud of the hanging light chords in our bedroom. Avoided a Pinterest fail on that one :)

I'm sure Cate & Chelsea could spare some DIY advice, but I say those lights look just fine! As a fellow urban-dweller, I know how hard it is to find the space to really dig in to projects. We don't tend to have the luxury of spare rooms, garages, or yards like you rural folk! Y'all just don't know how good you have it.

Tina, thank you for sharing your home with us. I've been admiring it via Instagram for months - and Mutts, you all should absolutely follow Tina along too @tinaheileman

Color of the Year: Did Pantone Get It RIght?

Hi friends! Over the better part of the last decade I have found a tremendous amount of enjoyment from home decorating and styling. I desire to further my knowledge and soak in as much as I can both from a creative standpoint as well as the business. A large part of this business is understanding the ebb and flow of trends. Trends have always fascinated me even well before I stepped into the interior decorating world. How does an idea take off and become trendy? Who gets the ball rolling? Is it every day people or the rich and famous?

Then you have trend predictions which further add to my curiosity. One of the first trend predictions I started following a number of years ago was the Pantone color of the year. Didn't know there was such a thing? Here, take a look at some of their recent selections:

How do they pick the color year after year? I understand it from a marketing standpoint. With every declaration of which color will be leading the way that year you see the ripple effect right down to the most accessible and popular shopping destinations, such as Target, HomeGoods, Pottery Barn, etc. And then the celebrity designers partnering with those stores, (think Emily Henderson and Target), start styling their projects with the newest goodies available, showing everyone just how to incorporate the declared color of the year in a tasteful, manageable way.

This year the color turned out to be a twofer! They picked not just one, but two colors for 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Here, they created this image of a faceless woman wearing a flowing cape to make the announcement:

Since this is an honest place I'll admit, I wasn't terribly excited by this combo. It brought me back to the days of when we had new boy-girl twins under our roof and everything was baby pink and baby blue. And really, other than a blush crocheted throw pillow at target I've barely noticed these colors make any strong statement this year.

Then something strange happened. I started noticing a different color breaking through the color-of-the-year combo - dark green!

If you're a big Fixer Upper fan you may recognize the photo above and the one below. They're just two examples from Joanna Gaines' strong use of dark green in their latest season which finished earlier this year. I noticed this color in just about every episode and I absolutely adored it.

And with the Fixer Upper cult following, I wondered if anyone else noticed as well. So I picked up a can of dark green, (Behr's 'Secluded Woods'), to refinish a mid-century dresser last Spring and it got scooped up within days. I had so many inquiries on that piece that once it sold, I had an immediate request for a nearly identical custom piece, (below on left).

I took the Summer mostly off from refinishing to focus on my family and some design jobs, but as soon as the kids went back to school last week I painted this beauty below in Ralph Lauren's 'Scholar Green', and it was taken within two days.


Is there a new color trending? Will it carry over to 2017? I sure hope so as we've got a little surprise to show you in a design job we're working on right now! But until we're ready to reveal, here are some more stunning examples of this moody color casually staking its claim:

Thank you all for stopping by!