Copycat Greige MCM Tallboy

One of the best things about working with Chelsea is her impeccable eye.  She's always on the lookout for good pieces that could really make a magical moment for a potential client - even scouting used unique pieces to get our clients the best deals.  And sometimes, she finds the most amazing mid-century modern tallboy for an unreal price at the thrift store and not only buys it for you, but throws it in her minivan and drops it off at your workshop so you have a new piece to play with...


SAAAY WHAT?!?!  Thanks boo!  And to top it all off, she even gave me the idea to go griege again.  Chelsea, I guess you could say you're my muse ;)


After custom-mixing a greige to refinish this piece from 2016, I have been kicking myself for not color matching the mix for future projects.


Gray MCM Tallboy

December 2016

I decided to try out Silver Drop by Behr Paint and found it to be a close match in warm undertones but definitely a lighter shade.


The piece features its original round tapered legs.  I originally thought I would paint them to complete the copycat look but once I started on this piece, I couldn't bring myself to.


I decided to also keep the original knobs but switched out the bar pulls for brass buckle-style ones I repurposed from another piece.


Do you recognize them?


I actually bought that other piece because of those pulls but once I got my hands on it, realized the body wasn't even worth saving.  So I kept the hardware and repurposed the drawers in an unconventional industrial shelving unit.  These pulls remind me of that scene from "PS I Love You" where she flings the belt buckle across the room and discovers she wants to design shoes - ha!


For styling I had some help from Spring (who finally decided to show up) and Mela Artisans who have some beautiful flat weave rugs...


...and these EPIC cutting boards in unusual shapes!


And if you're shopping our site today, email me about picking up in leesburg or about our third-party shipping options!


Greige MCM Tallboy
Now Available for Sale
32"W x 17.75"D x 43.25"H
Price: $545

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Neon || 2018 Flip List Item No.7

Guys!  I made a thing.  Well technically I made two.  Besides a new dresser, I've got another 2018 Flip List item to reveal:


Item No.7: Experiment with Neon


You were expecting me to do a neon paint treatment werentcha?  Well I'm not ruling that out just yet, but when I set this goal in mind I actually really wanted to DIY a neon sign.


I started researching my options and I found out there are actual kits for the stuff!  I decided to order this super affordable one from Urban Outfitters.


The kit instruction were very easy to follow and basically just involved lashing the neon rope to wire which I twisted into the word "Mutt" for obvious reasons.  It does have a very subtle hum when it's turned on (like the kind you can only hear if you're under 30 years) so it's a good thing I'm creeping up on the big 3-0.  HA!

Switch gears with me really quick and let's talk about the other new kid in the room: this white and walnut dresser.


The drawer fronts were in great shape so I really did debate highlighting the wood grain, but I was seeing a very specific vision for it in my mind so everything but the legs got painted a glassy white.


The original dresser did have some damage to fix - the big undertaking being the mystery gnaw marks in the left front leg.  Normally, I would putty that in and slap on some paint but I really reeeeeeeeally wanted to keep the base wood so I had to hand paint the filler with some acrylic paint to match the rest of the wood grain in the leg.


Can you tell?


I love the contrast of the dark legs against the white enameled body - a luxury finish!


You might actually recognize the unusual pulls on this piece from another StyleMutt refinishing project.  That's because this long-and-low is actually from the same line as that tallboy I did last spring.  Just like I did with that piece, I kept the original brass pulls as is 'cuz I mean, they are just. that. yummy.


As for the styling, I wanted to punctuate the bright neon sign with some bright-colored art like that enchanting Laura Gunn gallery-wrapped canvas print (cue all the heart eyes!).  Accenting with my usual quirky décor also seemed like a natural fit.


And if you're looking for a beautiful dresser to anchor your space, drop me a line (aka just shoot me an email) to discuss our pick-up or shipping options. 

White + Walnut Sideboard
Now Available for Sale
60"W x 18"D x 30.5"H

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