Stenciled Wall Take Two ||+ Win a Stencil||

Hi friends! Posts like we shared yesterday are really what it's all about here - YOU! And we sure are crazy about ya. Isn't it time we move this thing to the next relational level and give you a small token of our love? We've partnered up with the incredibly kind and talented team at Cutting Edge Stencils to do just that! We want to shower you with our love and a free stencil! 

In case you missed it, I was in a stencil frenzy a couple weeks ago after creating this accent wall in our bedroom using Cutting Edge Stencils' 'Fuji' stencil. I've noticed a few comments on Instagram complimenting on the wallpaper - it sure looks like it! But let me tell you, wallpaper has no room on my schedule or budget!  This wall took all of 2 hours, including prep. As a stay at home Mom to three wild ones, time is very valuable to me. To get this much bang for 2 hours of effort is my project happy place. 

I've got a second stenciled wall to share with you guys today, and then all you need to do is hop over to Cutting Edge Stencils, pick out a favorite stencil and leave a comment on this post with your pick! You have until this Sunday, 3/8 at noon to enter for a chance to win your chosen stencil! For additional entries, like Cutting Edge Stencils on Facebook and follow their blog.

Today's stencil project was made possible by the kind folks at the Chambrel retirement community where my dear grandparents have just moved in. They encourage their residents to decorate and make their new apartments and rooms their home. Isn't that awesome! I'm reserving my spot early! 

Here is a sad photo of their bedroom, pre-stencil, (complete with the Crooked Lamp - All-star of all the great Before pictures in the history of Befores):

And 2.5 hours later:

My grandparents are old time Miami, (or "Miama", as they say). Born and raised in Coral Gables, Florida, they were high school sweethearts who moved to Virginia, where they have lived for most of their lives surrounded by their 5 children, 17 grandchildren, and a nice litter of great-grands. After all these years, (they are 87yrs old), you still find bright florals and energetic colors in my grandmothers decor and closet. You can take the lady out of Miami, but you can't take Miami out of the lady!

When planning this wall we knew something floral would be a nice familiar taste of the South for them. The delicate stencil, Lady Slipper, was a sure-fire winner! Since they are fairly traditional, the soft colors don't play as too loud or modern. We used Carolina Inn Club Aqua, (#5004-3B), and Rose Buff, (#2002-4C), both by Valspar and both in a flat finish, (per the helpful instructions provided by Cutting Edge Stencils). 

Just like with our own bedroom, I used painters tape to stick the stencil to the wall in order to roll the paint over. What I did differently this time around, (and LOVED), was the foam roller which Cutting Edge Stencil's sells. The paint didn't get underneath the stencil one bit, and I had so much control with the application. You really don't want a lot of paint on your roller anyways, just a little bit goes a long way! I'd suggest doing a quick clean with your stencil sheet about half way through so that drying paint doesn't start clumping up inside the delicate cuts of the stencil. A dampened paper towel or rag is all you need.

Now you can see how this project flies by! 2.5 hours, folks. Enough said.

This time around I had my Mom following behind me as I rolled, adding a few strokes of soft pink paint to the lower petal of the orchids. 

The last step was using the awesome edger stencil that Cutting Edge Stenils provides to get a tighter fit up to the corners and near the floor.

So there you have it! Two beautiful transformations brought to you by Cutting Edge stencils and my right arm. 

Alright, you know what to do now! Head over to Cutting Edge Stencils, pick your favorite stencil, (tough, I know), jump back over here and leave a comment below with your top pick! And don't forget to up your chances by liking their Facebook page and following their blog!

You've got until Sunday 3/8 at 12 noon EST for a chance at a free stencil! We'll announce the winner on Monday 3/9 and follow up with that lucky duck then. Now, hustle like the lady in pink slippers; she is in it to win it, ya'll!!!

In the meantime you can brush up on your stenciling skills with this quick tutorial video that helps all you watch-and-learners out there prepare before you begin!

Thank you all so much for stopping by!