Gift Card Giveaway | Merry Christmas!

Hello there! We are just shy of one week out now, how’s everyone doing? Feeling good? Maybe a little panicked? Well take your mind off all there is to do, (for at least a few minutes), and let us do for you.


Tis the season to show our immeasurable appreciation to you for including StyleMutt Home in your time. It’s no small thing to get to share our work and lives here with you in this unique way, and the words of encouragement that you leave just warm our hearts. Cate picked two people to gift a cozy red Sherpa blanket and 3-in-1 pillow to just yesterday! Today I am excited to buddy up with a dear design pal, Abbie, to gift TWO $100 gift cards to her shop! Abbie sews the most beautiful pillows I ever did see, and that is no exaggeration.


An early Christmas present arrived when this vintage thai dyed hemp lumbar in olive green came earlier this month from Abbie. I love the raw texture, especially on my newly finished leather bench!


To enter to win a $100 gift card to Abbie’s shop we ask two simple things:
1) Please follow Abbie and myself on Instagram, (@anaberdesign and @chelsea_stylemutthome), and
2) Please comment here or on my Instagram post re the giveaway with either the best gift you’ve ever received, OR the best gift you’ve enjoyed giving.
We will pick two random winners on Friday morning, so you’ve got today and tomorrow!

Happy Christmas to you All! Thank you so much for stopping by!


Quick Christmas Tour || And a Giveaway!

Happy Holidays StyleMutts! Did you catch Chelsea’s Pinch of Merriment Home Tour last week? Seeing her home all decked out got me excited to do a quick Christmas tour of our own - plus you’ll get to see some more of our townhouse that I've admittedly neglected to share (even though we moved in the spring). So here’s a peek of our holiday-clad living room. Making room for the tree meant moving the $10 arm chair (oh yes - you read right ;) over by the fireplace.


Both Caleb and I grew up with candles in the windows this time of year, but apartment living never really seemed conducive to getting them. But our townhouse has finally given us a reason to get some of our own.


Our tree is always a simple one - some hand made garlands and sentimental family ornaments. And of course our vintage-rug-turned-Christmas-tree-skirt that Chelsea made for me a few years back. (Psssst: if you are looking for cute tree skirts, Chelsea recently compiled this dynamite round up)


Behind our living room sofa, you can spy some cedar garlands trickling up the bannister.


And some more around the threshold leading to the kitchen. I like to take apart my garlands smack-dab in the middle and reattach the other end to make a symmetrical frame over whichever entryway I’m decking with boughs.


If you look closely into the kitchen, you can see our Nativity sitting on the window sill.


For holiday cheer upstairs, we added a simple banner above the bed where we have been enjoying some new favorite finds from Bedsure:


This luxurious Sherpa blanket in Santa Claus red (how fitting) with it’s ever-so-soft (and reversible!) fluffy sherpa and velvety microfiber flannel.


And their 3-in-1 pillow - with 3 layers of goose down, memory foam (which you can remove if you want a softer landing), and down alternative. Plus these pillows are treated with anti-bacteria, odor, and dust mite protection!


In the spirit of the holiday, Bedsure is giving away a blanket and a pillow to two lucky winners!


Simply visit my Instagram page and look for the giveaway post to find out how to enter. Giveaway runs today only and our TWO winners will be announced tomorrow!


This concludes my quick Christmas tour - I hope you StyleMutts are remembering to not just get presents, but to be present this bustling season.


Merry Christmas to all you StyleMutts and to all a good night!


Modern Bar Table ||and treat yo self to a Giveway!||

One of my favorite parts about furniture flipping is finding something that could be cool - even if I don't know how exactly.  I've mentioned it before, but I often run through a checklist when I'm debating a new potential project at the thrift store: 1) Is it cheap?  2) Does it have good bones?  and 3) Can I make it cute?  When I found this chrome and laminate table, it hit points 1 & 2, but I was a little fuzzy on 3.  

Photo May 27, 10 35 22 AM.jpg

I thought at first it should be transformed into a glamorous marble and gold console table.  But it was a little too short to be a suitable console and I wasn't really loving the cost of two custom-cut marble slabs.  But this is where it's handy having a partner in the biz.  I bounced some ideas off of Chelsea and was inspired to start simple and see if I liked where the project was heading before investing an exorbitant amount of time, money, and energy into it.

I took a long look at it again and realized this petite table might not be the best height for and entryway piece, but the unique gaps between the chrome trim and the flat surface of the top shelf made for some handy handles...

I replaced the bowing fake parquet with white melamine for a more modern look.

The porcelain pyramids are a Sweet Clover Barn find from their May sale weekend.  Chelsea and I braved the rain and mud and were rewarded with all the goodies.  Guys, if you're anywhere REMOTELY near the DC area, you should plan a day out to Frederick, MD for one of their sale weekends and capitalize on the best barn deals around my friends.  

You heard it here first ;)


I've been a little obsessed with brass lately, but something about the bright reflection of the chrome [can you spot me??] made me reconsider applying a faux gold finish.  Chelsea advised me to finish the table without painting the chrome to see if I liked it as-is.  And BOY am I glad I listened to her.  I never thought I would like to look of chrome so much!

This time of year Chelsea and I have a lot to celebrate: my birthday falls and the end of May with Chelsea's bday and anniversary right behind in early June.  Being the party people that we are, we thought we'd extend the invitation to you all and invite you to also

Treat. Yo. Self. 

To a StyleMutt Giveaway that is!!!  In the spirit of celebration, we are giving this wall hanging to one lucky winner.  Handmade by yours truly, this wall art is made from a swatch of Milton & King wallpaper, some vinyl letters, and white spray paint.  Their array of patterns is so diverse and downright juicy that it was difficult to pick just one.  But I stumbled on a sinful yet playful pattern named Gluttony and thought the Parks & Rec quote was too perfect.  [That little framed art print is also a swatch of the same wall paper].

To enter, comment below with what you would most like to treat yourself to today and find us on Instagram [@chelsea_stylemutthome and @cate_stylemutthome] for more ways to enter.  US/ Canada residents only. Winner will be announced next week!

And if you're in the DC Metro area, this smashing bar table is now available for sale ;)

Modern Chrome Bar Table
41"W x 17"D x 26.5"H

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please contact me at