New Trend Alert: When Fashion Meets Decor

Hi Friends! With so many factors influencing today's trends, it's gotten near impossible to keep up! We find it best to balance the classics with nods to our favorite trends in an effort to keep things fresh without losing appeal. While we approach trends with caution and choose wisely which ones we'll incorporate in our work, there is, every now and then, a trend we are ready to run with at first sighting!

Today we're sharing such a trend we have recently come upon - and whether you're a traditionalist or a trend-setter, this is one we can see taking all of design by a storm! The best way to share it, we figure, is to show you!

There's a new phenomenon of dressing throw pillows in clothes. Silly as it may sound, it's actually brilliant! Add instant versatility to your wardrobe and get even more bang for your buck when you wear your clothes AND dress your pillows! Save on pillow covers and multiply the use for every article of clothing:

Afraid to step out in grandma's old fur for fear of animal rights activists? Pish-posh! Dress your pillow with finesse!

Getting ready for a cozy date-night-in? Set the mood with something a bit more....revealing.

Hosting a dinner party with mixed-company? Play it safe with a transitional piece that is sensible and sweet.

This trend is so versatile that you can also incorporate it in the bedroom.  It makes for a fun twist on his and hers pillows - no mistaking who's side of the bed is who's!


The proximity to your closet makes it even easier to color-coordinate your pillow's outfit with the other décor of the room. 


And as you switch out your wardrobe each season, you can easily do the same with your accent pillows.  We've been sporting the chunky sweater look for fall and winter, but just think of the countless possibilities!  


And as an added bonus, you can easily reposition the looks to keep things spicy...


Well we hope you all are having a wonderful joy-filled Easter with your loved ones.  And we hope you found this quick PSA both inspiring and insightful!  


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Reader Design: Rhiannon's Family Farmhouse

We're off to a home that's right after Joanna Gaines' shiplap-lovin' heart. Side note: is anyone else mourning the final season of Fixer Upper like I am? 

Thank goodness for Rhiannon and her Spotsylvania, Virginia home. It may help fill the void a little bit, at least for today! She calls Chip & Jo some of her biggest inspirations, so it makes sense that her home has the same lived-in, cozy comfort that we've come to love so much.

3 (1).jpg
4 (1).jpg
6 (1).jpg

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and if that's true, then this heart is alive, well, and full of love. Rhiannon and her husband took on a lot of projects themselves to turn this into their dream.

From Rhiannon:

Our open shelving is my favorite. I originally wanted to make the entire wall at my sink to be windows, but the expense was going to be too much. So this was my second choice, but it makes our space feel bigger, and I can completely redecorate them at any time and create a whole new feel in the room/space with the seasons.

When redoing this space, they were conscious of anything too trendy or generic; even still, though, the heart wants what it wants.

I always joke with my husband, “are our children going to make fun of the way our house looked in pictures 30 years from now?” But I’d like to think that subway tile, oak woods, and great neutrals will never go out of style.

With such a beautiful, neutral backdrop, switching up the decor is something Rhiannon likes to do often - and let's be honest, I think it's something we're all guilty of. We can't stop those creative impulses! Luckily, we get to see this home decked out for the holidays; Rhiannon makes the most of every space and brings the festivity. 

1 (2).jpg
1 (1).jpg

Even when it's not the holiday season, this home is always a place of welcoming and peace.

I want it to feel cozy and comfortable but clean and minimalistic. I can’t relax in clutter. I’m always striving to find a good balance of simplistic but lived in. I never want my home to be the kind you walk into and your afraid to get dirty or mess up the pillows on the couch, I want people (as well as me and my husband) to feel relaxed and welcome. I think having a nice place to come home to where you genuinely enjoy your surroundings is so important and makes such an impact on day to day life!
2 (1).jpg

And while Rhiannon calls some areas, like the master bedroom, 'works in progress,' she has a surefire trick for instantly updating a space. Any guesses based on what you've seen?

They're fluffy, pretty, and easy to move around....

THROW PILLOWS! I think we all know that throw pillows have the power to dramatically transform spaces, and Rhiannon has that trick nailed. 

I like the ability to change the feel of a room with each season or mood I’m in, shelf decor and throw pillows are the easiest and most affordable way to do that!

Rhiannon, thank you for hosting a tour today! We're wishing you the happiest of holiday seasons in your home. Follow Rhiannon along on Instagram for more at @rhiannonmlawson.

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