Pop of Red Dresser

When it comes to repairing old dressers, I’ve seen quite the spectrum of original conditions.  Water damage, bent hardware, chunks missing, splitting veneer, broken legs, and even dog pee.

But this piece...


…this piece might take the cake. 

The previous owners had been keeping it practically unsheltered in their carport for who knows how long.  Exposed to the elements, every inch of the cherry veneer was clinging on for dear life.  As soon as I touched it, the veneer started flaking off like bad dandruff.  Poor thing. The state of this thing meant I couldn’t restore all of it back to its former glory. The drawer fronts, although in need of excessive touch-ups, were mostly salvageable.  But the sides were an irrestorable tragedy that would have to succumb to a good coat of paint. But this meant I had a fun opportunity on my hands… a chance to play with color:


So if paint had to be on the agenda, I chose a sassy red-orange to play off the red cherry tones in the drawers.


The drawers had a lot of chipped veneer around the edges which I painstaking patched and painted to match by hand.  Then I reoiled the wood to bring it back to health like a good moisturizer for cracked hands in winter.


The original wooden pulls were also too damaged to keep so I replaced them with brass whistle knobs that match the brass keyholes in the top drawers.


I was able to keep the original gold capped tapered legs however!


To style it, I used my painter’s pallet and the most exquisite golden foliage I could find.


GAH! This is why it’s my favorite time of year to style with tree branches!!! (I can’t help myself - just see here and here and here).


Pop of Red 8 Drawer Dresser
Now Available for Sale
33.5”W x 18”D x 48”H

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, email me at cate@stylemutthome.com


Custom Campaign

Early on into our move, I found a fixer-upper campaign piece for sale on Facebook.  We hadn't unpacked everything and my workshop was nothing more than a junk drawer for empty boxes and miscellaneous curtain rods.  But the price was right (and it was an easy pick up on my way home) so I brought it home without a plan. 

Photo Jun 11, 3 33 10 PM.jpg

After posting the cabinet in my stories on Instagram, I immediately got a DM from a client who was looking for a cute little storage piece for her living room.  After a couple conversations about colors we landed on an old favorite as our inspiration - this piece from 2016:


Since the paint color from our inspiration piece was a custom mix, I got the paint color-matched to finally get a name: True Taupewood by Behr.


It's a warm shade of greige that reminds me of wet potters clay.  


This color is super moody when it wants to be.


And plays really well with the bright gold tones of the original campaign hardware:


Like these brass recessed pulls.


And corner braces.


Despite what it looks like a first glance, those pulls aren't on individual drawers - they are actually on a pair of doors that open up into a cabinet.


For styling, I broke out my with diy chandelier which sadly doesn't have a home in our new place... yet ;)


This little guy was shipped off to it's new home in Richmond. But, if you are interested in a custom order like it, email me at cate@stylemutthome.com.


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Masculine Two-Tone Dresser

I know - shop inventory has been light.  But that's actually good news for StyleMutt Home.  It means that we've been busy working on some of our eDesign projects like this one and this one.  This new branch of our business is growing rapidly which means our furniture flips have become less frequent.  But luckily spring cleaning + yard sales go hand-in-hand this time of year and I found a new (free!) project I just couldn't pass up!

Photo Mar 11, 6 13 47 PM.jpg

When I first saw him, I actually liked the black and gold he was rockin'.  Yeah he was a little beat up.  And was reading a little 80's to me.  But look at those lines!  I decided to keep with his darker hues but modernize him a little.

I chose to refinish it in a color called Black Boudoir by Behr. It's a dark color that dances between gray, black, and blue - which I think makes him a bit more mysterious.

The dark color allows the unusual brass handles to pop.

But instead of painting the whole piece, I stripped the paint off the sides to reveal the beautiful wood grain.

Chelsea and I have often favored two-toned flips in the past:

Our MO is usually to do a white + wood combo.  But this time I wanted to take a different spin on it by doing the dark + wood.

The dresser's maker's mark says this piece is a local!  From Waynesboro, VA to be exact.

I kept the styling more masculine in color pallet but still playful with the amazing hanging planters from Apollo Box.

They come in three delicate shapes (tear drop, diamond, and chemistry flask) and look pretty with living or dried greens in them. 

Disclaimer: affiliate links ahead

Apollo Box is an online shopping platform that celebrates the act of discovery. Apollo Box is dedicated to providing customers with creative products and unique gifts they can get excited about. With their AR shopping feature in the Apollo Box app, they designed a new way to play and share virtual products before you buy them.

They have LOADS of stuff ranging in home décor to tech gadgets.  I've rounded up a few of my favorite quirky finds if you don't want to wade through the vast selection.  If you  like these hanging planters or are in the market for some of their other fares - use code STYLEMUTT for 15% OFF at checkout!

There's more inventory in my garage that will be following this guy to the shop - so stay tuned friends!

Dark + Wood MCM Dresser
39"W x 18"D x 42.5"H

If you're interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please email cate@stylemutthome.com.