Brass Hanging Planters || 2018 Flip List Item No.5

If you've been following us for a while then you've probably heard me talk about my annual Furniture Flip Bucket List and for those of you who aren't in the loop - it's basically a declaration of what I'd like to accomplish each year.  Well my friends, this post is about crossing one of those items off this years list plus crossing a secret bucket list item off as well.


Ok so before we get to item No.5: Hanging Planter, we need to talk about a dresser - what else?

Photo Jul 02, 11 19 43 AM.png

I recently saw this 5-drawer beauty on Facebook and picked it up with a very particular plan in mind - I wanted to straight up copy Chelsea's take on this piece:


Mid Century in 'Scholar Green'

January 2017

Ok.  So I admit that I have tried to copy her once before when I refinished this piece but struck out when I found the base was made with two different types of wood that I had to stain in order to match.  So when I brought this tallboy home, sanding the legs was like scratching a winning lotto ticket.

Photo Jul 07, 3 06 02 PM.jpg

Finally, I could cross this secret bucket list item off: refinish a piece in a green and bare wood two-tone!


It's no secret that this green is our favorite.


Oh you dark and moody minx!  How your velvety emerald make my heart pitter-patter especially contrasted against those buttery naked tapered legs.


The five drawers make for lots of storage.


For styling, I deployed my favorite terra-cotta touch. 


And, of course, the bucket list hanging planters!


These were surprisingly simple to make - start with some shallow brass bowls and two brass macramé hoops:

Photo Jul 07, 3 22 50 PM.jpg


Brass Bowls + Macramé Hoops

Flip the bowls upside down and brace the brass rings between to pieces of wood allowing the ring to rest on the bottom of the bowls.

Photo Jul 07, 3 27 26 PM.jpg

Step No.1

Position Upside Down

Apply a bead of super glue epoxy that's rated for bonding metal and dries clear.

Photo Jul 07, 3 29 54 PM.jpg

Step No.2

Apply Glue 

Allow it to dry for the recommended length of time to ensure they will be able to bear weight when flipped right-side up.

Photo Jul 07, 3 27 36 PM.jpg

Step No.3

Let Dry

Tie a string to the top of the ring then I fill with your favorite plant babies.


Step No.4

Hang with String + Fill with Plants


Hit me up with any questions if you decide to make some of your own planters!  And if you're shopping for a gorgeous green tallboy - hit me up for shipping or purchase options!

Hunter Green 5 Drawer Tallboy
34"W x 19"D x 45"H
Now Available for Sale

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please contact me at

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DIY Planter ||Furniture Flip Bucket List||

Ok so something magical happened.  I made something I've always wanted to make using only the items I already had lying around.  That's a project with like no risk and all reward.  Hey-Oh!  Even better, this project also fulfills one of the items on my 2017 Furniture Flip Bucket List.  Double Hey-Oh!

So which item is the first I shall be crossing off this year's list?


Why No.3 of course.

The construction of this little guy was relatively simple.  All I needed was some round wooden dowels, a dowel kit, some wood glue, and a large ceramic planter.  Following along with this handy tutorial, I was able to assemble the four legs and the joining cross section. 

I built the stand to fit a ceramic planter I had lying around (with a dead plant carcass inside).  For extra stability, I secured the joints with wood glue and strapped the base in place to set.

Once the glue dried, I spray-painted the planter white and stained the legs a warm brown to get that iconic MCM planter look.

Now my plant children have a place of honor to reside.

Despite the glue, he's still not the sturdiest but I am proud I built him nonetheless.  And I still plan to improve my carpentry skills and build something SUPER solid to fulfill item No.7 this year.

But of course in the spirit of the upcoming Oscar's, let's play a little round of


Leave your votes in the comments below xoxo.

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