Reader Design: Kelly's Transitional Bungalow

We're headed to the Midwest today, checking out Kelly's Iowa City, Iowa 1940's bungalow. Get it while it's hot, friends, because Kelly, her husband, and their two precious pups are actually moving to Virginia soon! 

This rental brings the charm, and Kelly has carefully and lovingly filled it with meaningful pieces from all different phases of life. It blends trends and aesthetics in a way that feels effortless - and it must have been effortless to actually do, since Kelly didn't have a particular style in mind when decorating! In fact, she had to 'phone to friend' to pinpoint her style. 

I believe every style has it’s own unique beauty and I tend to love them all. I asked a friend how she’d describe our current residence and loved her answer: ‘playful transitional, with a splash of casual glamour/ Hollywood Regency, and some southern charm peppered in.’ Sounds about right to me!

You can feel hints of Kelly's Texas upbringing and time in California for college throughout the home - with the cowhide in the dining room or the midcentury media stand. I have to say though... my favorite pieces are more New England in style. I just adore those nautical framed prints in the living room. Kelly, your in-laws are seriously on-trend - what a great gift! 


Another meaningful piece is prominently featured in the bedroom.

In our bedroom, the white buffet brings back so many memories. My husband and I found it while we were living in California at a thrift store. It was sponge painted in blue gold and, needless to say, quite a sight. Together we painted it white, replaced the drawer pulls, and stained the wood top. I definitely think it’s one of our ‘forever’ pieces, for not only the look but for the nostalgia as well!

This rental sure is a great find, and Kelly, I'm sure you'll miss it (but mostly this adorable screened-in porch) when you move! You managed to create the warm, comfortable, and welcoming home you set out to make, with exactly the right amount of glam. Hats off, Kelly. 

Thank you for letting us in! And you must let us know when you're settled in my home state - we'll invite ourselves over for a virtual visit. 

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Reader Design: Tatiana's Bright Space

Can you all believe that it is already August!? Back to school commercials started this week, and I just cannot believe that the summer is coming to an end. I haven't even seen the beach yet!

But alas, that's the reality. So while we can, we are bringing some color into your lives. Today, we're visiting Tatiana in Ottawa, Ontario.

Tatiana keeps this home for her family of four interesting by never being "done" with decorating; after all, that wouldn't be any fun, would it? She describes her style as modern classic with vintage and colorful twists. 

While I do incorporate pieces from big box stores, I am an avid vintage treasure and flea-market hunter. There is nothing more satisfying than finding an interesting vintage piece, putting it in the right context, and making it shine.
The overarching goal is to make my home feel bright and happy.

All that color is definitely representative of bright, sunshiney summer and helps make those Canadian winters just a little easier. 

In Tatiana's home, two things are the stars: her abstract art collection and her textiles. Her favorite pieces are prominently featured in the living room and are complicated perfectly by the neutral simplicity of the kitchen. 

My favorite pieces in my living room are the large mid-century abstract painting by Sinai Waxman that currently sits above the sofa and the Persian rug. With two children at home, the rug works beautifully! Both pieces have a rich palette and provide an invitation to play with different color schemes in the space.

The winner in the bedroom is the orange headboard. There's something about orange tones that is just so comforting and welcoming. It's not for everyone, but it works for Tatiana. And that's a good thing, because Tatiana and her husband custom-made this for their space! 

For a long time I was looking for a vibrant headboard, but all I could find was upholstered in neutral fabrics. Left to my own devices, my husband and I constructed this nice looking headboard out of a piece of plywood and covered it in juicy orange velvet.

What a fun home this would be to shop in - to change the art around, move things to new places, and shift pieces until your heart's content. Tatiana, thank you for letting us in today. 

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Reader Design: Elaine's Vintage Digs

Mutts, we are officially back after a few weeks away for some much-needed summer relaxation. It just doesn't feel like summer without a few days to unwind near the water or in the mountains - pick your poison. I'm currently in the mountains of Virginia with family for the weekend - and the red eye from the Seattle is to thank for today's #stylemuttspaces delay.

Now, on to the good stuff. We're back to Canada to tour Elaine's vintage home. 

Her home is chalk-full of eclectic finds, great texture, cool tones paired with typical warm mid-century elements, and lots of personality. 
From Elaine:

I like to throw in a dash of dirty ‘70s décor into my spaces (think vintage fibre art, rattan, brass and lots of crazy plant lady action). I also get a kick out of juxtaposing harder, more minimal pieces with organic, handmade elements. Nothing sexier than mixing materials — keeps things from looking too matchy-matchy.

Right away, we get to see the best vintage find of all - the Don Freedman wall hanging that totally makes the living room, which fellow Torontonian Jo @jmwearing hooked her up with. 

Freedman designed a whack of super fun and deliciously kooky fibre art for Interlude in the 70’s. The colours couldn’t go more perfectly with what we have going on in the living room and that wall was crying out for a little sum sum!

Despite its urban location, the decor channels an aesthetic that used to be typically found in the southwest - but now is taking locations far & wide by storm. 

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m staying at an Airbnb situated somewhere in Joshua Tree and not living in a rental in downtown Toronto. A girl can dream, no?

The whole home has the vibe of an artist's studio - relaxing, interesting, with plenty of conversation-starting pieces. It's the kind of place that absolutely inspires with quality pieces that have been carefully curated and melded together. What I love about Elaine is that she naturally leans toward one-of-a-kind items, so you won't find many big box purchases! 

And finally, Elaine leaves us with a big heaping for gratitude for this crazy design community of which we're all a part: 

I’ve just been awestruck about the amount of creativity, inspiration, and goodwill I’ve encountered from the online home décor and design community. At first I felt like a total goof hashtagging posts on Instagram—but then I realized that’s how you find your “people.”

Hashtags are how we came to find each other, so we certainly those same feelings. Thank you all for following along, and thank you to Elaine for showing  us around her gorgeous home. Follow along on Instagram at @lana_gto for more.