Emerald + Gold Chairs

How many times have we seen office chairs like these?  Forgettable vinyl steelcase seats with laminate wood arm rests.  I myself saw these on craigslist a few weeks ago and kept on scrolling.  


But somehow, on the back-most burner of my brain, an idea began to percolate.  I lazily kept my eye on the post while the idea brewed and just when a solid vision started forming... the craigslist post was gone.  

Whomp Whomp

Had someone else seen what I had seen in these chairs??  Would I ever be able to bring my now piping-hot vision to life??  My FOMO kicked in and I started hangrily looking for a suitable substitute only to turn up a whole lotta nada.  Then a miracle occurred.  A few weeks later, the post reappeared on Craigslist!  The chairs had not sold - the post had only expired!  My project had not been poached.  I could I finally try out my hopefully genius (albeit simple) refinishing strategy:

Go for the Gold

Green and gold that is.  It's no secret Chelsea and I love how emerald and brass play off each other (see here and here to name a few ;).  

When I first saw these chairs, my brain must have subconsciously flagged them as having all the right lines for a modern, glam pair of chairs.  Once it occurred to me that our favorite faux gold treatment would instantly elevate the look of these chairs, I had to get a piece of that action.  

I was too impatient to wait for a sunny spring day to paint the frame so I tried spray painting on a misty morning.  The result ended up being a "beautiful blooper" as my mother would call it.  The moisture in the air didn't let the paint settle evenly which added a unique dimension to the patina.  If you want to recreate this effect (no matter the weather), I suggest intermittently using a spray bottle filled with water while the paint is still wet.

The laminate arm rests were a dead giveaway that these chairs were waiting area seats in a past life so needless to say - they had to go.  I affixed some brass nail heads to hide the old holes left from the screws.  

I love how the shiny new finish on the chairs instantly have that emerald vinyl running in the same social circles as trendy high-end occasional chairs.  Such a simple trick to transform them from lackluster to luxe!


Emerald + Gold Chairs
Now Available for Sale
22"W x 23"D x 31.5"H
$350 for the pair

If you're interested in these chairs or a custom order like it, please email cate@stylemutthome.com.

Mariella's Glamorous Home Base

Our next StyleMutt Spaces feature is a true treat. Mariella, originally from Lima, Peru, has graciously welcomed us into her home. And it could not be any clearer that this is Mariella's sanctuary. That is, if said sanctuary were black, white, and BOLD. 

If you take some time to look closely at the way Mariella has put together her house, one thing will become very clear. Her style is seriously her own. I asked Mariella a couple of questions about how she finds inspiration, and let me tell you - she does not disappoint. 

My decor is a mix of influences, places I’ve visited, dramatic color palettes and mostly the places where we come from. I’m Peruvian and my husband is Persian. Mirrors and gold are part of our cultural heritage!

There is no fear in this space. I don't see a single ounce of hesitation, or trepidation, or 'but is this what everyone is doing these?' concerns. 

I don’t believe in trends - except for wallpaper being back, which is just wonderful! When we moved into this apartment, there was a huge red ‘accent wall’ covering the dining and living room. It was awful, and I immediately knew we needed to start with a neutral palette and build the room from there. Everything can and should be adapted to create a space that feels truly yours. Paint is one of your best allies.

Now, time for three rhetorical questions that I just need to throw into the universe: (1) How can black possibly look so bright? I know I live in a basement but STILL. (2) Can we talk about the rope art? You know that Chelsea and Cate are the masters of DIY, and I think this is something we need to quickly add to our StyleMutt roster! (3) Is anyone else sad that watermelon season is almost over? See: those cocktails on the table. Nailed it, Mariella! 

At the end of the day, this space is timeless - and Mariella's final words are some to live by. 

I adore sophisticated glamorous spaces. I believe everyday is important and should be celebrated.

Thank you for inviting us into your home. For more inspiration on how to 'Hollywood glamify' (I made that up... does it work?) your own home, follow Mariella along on Instagram at @splendorstyling or on her blog.

See you next week!

Reader Design: Nancy's Love-Filled Nursery

I am so excited to return to our "new normal" Spaces programming - sharing a new amazing space with all of you style mutts each Friday! 

Next, we're off to Nancy's Love-Filled Nursery in Charlotte, NC. Nancy's mom, Elise, is a first-time mama who has created the most LOVELY space for her little girl. Brace yourselves: you're about to see a lot of white, pink, and gold - a combination which seriously knocks it out of the park!

From Elise: 

When my husband walked into the nursery for the first time after my mom and I worked our magic, he said, “It’s so white in here!” That was music to my ears. I love white!

Elise methodically planned every detail of this nursery prior the arrival of her daughter - and boy, can you tell! It's no wonder that when she was trying to choose which room in her home to feature with us, she went with this space. 

I so enjoyed choosing Nancy’s crib bedding. I stayed in the white color scheme but mixed patterns: polka dots, hearts, and herringbone. The abstract art hanging above Nancy’s crib is my favorite element of the room. One of my best friends painted it based on two elements: my nursery inspiration board and 1 Peter 1:6-7.

In true StyleMutt fashion, Elise also did some DIY work of her on the dresser. She snagged it for $20 and just repainted and added new knobs. And that was a great call. You don't need to meticulously strip and restore your secondhand finds in order to make them worthwhile. In my first apartment, I got a free Craigslist coffee table and painted it a bright turquoise - that wasn't exactly "on trend," but it was practical and easy to swap for another color when I needed a change! 


Another thing Elise nailed: the layered rug trend. Can you imagine waking up, rolling out of bed, and immediately hitting that shag rug with your feet?! What a way to start your day. I don't know about you guys, but I for one am very jealous of Nancy.

Thank you, Nancy and Elise, for sharing this beautiful home with us! Follow Nancy and Elise along at Her Heart and Home and on Instagram