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Guys.  I've finished the second item on my 2017 Furniture Flip Bucket List.  And she has something she wants to say...


I've been wanting to do a live edge piece for a while but had no idea where to get my hands on a slab.  Then, while picking through a salvage yard with my partner-in-crime Chelsea, I found a beautiful little piece of raw sycamore.

I stripped off the splintering bark and sanded the whole slab down until the edges and surface where as smooth as a baby's bottom. 

I added a tri-pod of black metal hairpin legs that make it the perfect height to rest under a window so all your plant kiddo's can get their vitamin D.

She a delicate little thing that's too dainty for coffee table or foot-of-the-bed bench.  But she's happy to host some growing greens.

Live Edge Plant Stand
Now Available for Sale
33.5"L x 11"D (at widest point) x 18.5"H

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please contact me at

Two down, five to go.  Catch up on the 2017 Furniture Flip Bucket List.

Reader Design: Jan's Eclectic Quarters

And just like that, my week of California vacation has come and gone. I know it was hard getting through last Friday without a Reader Design tour to gawk at, but at least you had Chelsea's home update to keep you company! Did you miss it? Check it out here

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming... with Jan's Eclectic Quarters!

Jan and her family live in Upper Arlington, OH in their stunningly decorated home. Fun fact: my boyfriend is also from this adorable area just outside Columbus, so I can vouch for its family-orientation and charm. Those qualities have absolutely carried over to the styling of Jan's family home. 
From Jan:

I am not able to describe my style simply perhaps because it is not simple. I would describe my style as modern, colorful, crisp, comfortable, and kid-friendly with touches of bohemian. All those words don’t seem like they would mesh, but that is exactly what our home has become. I’ve created this style based around feelings. I adore a space that is well thought-out and styled but comfortable to be in. I want my family and guests to feel this in my home.

She creates that comfort using rich textiles, white space to ensure the colors she uses are really seen and add to the space, and meaningful pieces. 

In my living room, I could not live without either my live-edge coffee table or geometric rug. I love the meaning behind my coffee table, as my father-in-law made it for us, and the warm feeling it brings to the space. And the multi-colored geometric rug just encompasses my style to a tee!

Let's break down this space in Jan's kitchen. It almost perfectly illustrates the meshing of all those styles Jan mentioned - bohemian, modern, crisp - and even some she didn't - traditional, Scandinavian, rustic. I am a total sucker for beadboard paneling. I will have it someday, somewhere, somehow; and I just love the way Jan uses it to anchor the dining nook. Paired with the light fixture (quick aside, how refreshing to see something other than brass!!), it's the perfect spot for the kids to tackle homework or to enjoy dinner together. 

Clearly, Jan is quite the style mutt; but just because you're a mutt doesn't mean your design identity changes on a whim! No, Jan definitely knows who she is and what she likes.

I do get a lot of inspiration from trends but will find myself always asking these questions: ‘Will I love this in 5 years?’ and ‘Does this fit my style?’

I try to look at all design inspiration as an option, but I have learned what to weed out based on what works and does not work with my style. A trend that I have fallen for in the last year is greenery. I am a new plant lover and appreciate the life, texture, and color plants add to our home.

Jan, we think you're navigating this crazy, inspo-ridden world of design we all love like a champ. What a beautiful home to raise your family in! Follow Jan along on Instagram @spicysaltysweethome and her blog, and while you're at it, check out her awesome photographer @loribaskinphotography.

See you next week! 

2017 Furniture Flip Bucket List

Oh yes my friends.  I'm rolling out my 2017 Furniture Flip Bucket List to...DAY!  For those of you are new to StyleMutt Home (hey there!), every January I issue a "declaration of intent" for the coming year - a list of DIYs that I want to challenge myself with.  And I have certainly found myself challenged (see items No.1 from 2015 and 2016), but I love seeing where this list takes me each year and love even more being able to laugh at myself along the way.  It's cathartic.  

So let's pull that red velvet curtain off for the big reveal of 2017's list:


No.1: I love the look of the un-honed wood (especially juxtaposing the super industrial) so I've decided I want to make something with a live edge.  


No.2 This past summer, I scored a cash of brass hardware from my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a whopping $7!  I've used the long pulls on these mudroom benches but still have a plethora to play with.  My hope is to find the perfect piece(s) to use them on some time this year.

Source:  Pigment

Source: Pigment

No.3 I have always loved the style of these planters.  This year, I've decided to stop admiring them from afar and make one of my own.

Source:  Chairish

Source: Chairish

No.4 Now this one didn't make the final list until like yesterday.  I scored an adorable set of Broyhill dining chairs that are in desperate need of an update.  I am not sure what direction I want to take them in yet, but I'm excited to see what idea I land on (suggestions welcome!)

No.5 Play with leather (no not like that ;)  Chelsea and I have often loved the warm yet sophisticated look of leather in our home decor.  For that reason, I know I want to do a leather-related project.  

No.6 My style has been continually evolving in our apartment.  The dining and living room officially feel "me" but our bedroom still comes across as a staging ground for shoes and dirty laundry ;)  I want to get to a point this year where I can come home to our master bedroom and feel settled in the decor.  So stay tuned...

And finally...

No.7 Build something.  After my baker's rack fiasco, I decided that this year I need to develop some real carpentry skills.  I have no idea what to build but I'll add the caveat that I want to build it well.  And I probably won't try to build a baker's rack...

Thank you friends for following along my (mis)adventures!  If you'd like to see how last year turned out, check out this post.  And I hope you'll stop in again to see how this year's list is faring!