Gray + Wood Dresser

I know. I know.  It’s been ages since I had a new piece to share.  But the dry spell is over mis amigos - I’ve got a fresh flip to reveal.


It started with a cute dresser score on facebook marketplace.  It was further out then I usually drive for a potential piece but it was a beautiful commute through some fall countryside so I didn’t mind all that much. Once I saw it in person, I was pleased to find that it really only needed some minimal repair work and an easy-to-execute fresh look:


The wood was mostly in great condition and I really didn’t want to paint it at all if I could help it.  But the sides and top needed a little wood filler so it was going to need at least a little paint. 


In my true-to-form fashion, I decided on a two-tone look to mask the repairs I had to make but still celebrate the wood.  I wrapped three sides in True Taupewood - my new favorite greige used here and here.


If you’ve been following along with our past projects, you’ll notice I’ve been favoring this style of two-tone (wrapping just the outer edges).  But in an effort to not seem like a one-trick pony, this time I decided for a lighter paint to contrast my go-to dark inky color.


Instead of carrying the paint down the sides of the legs (like I did here), I kept the base and my beloved tapered legs in the original wood finish.


The original piece also has dull metal handles which I promptly refinished in  gold to bring a little sparkle back to her front.


Finally, I have a piece to style with my moody Mr. Grocery Bag Man thrift score.


Plus the wooden fruit collection my aunt won for me at an auction. 


If you’re interested in a smart new little piece, hit me up for pick up or shipping options.


Gray + Wood Dresser
Now Available for Sale
32”W x 19”D x 37”H

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, email me at


Reader Design: Elaine's Vintage Digs

Mutts, we are officially back after a few weeks away for some much-needed summer relaxation. It just doesn't feel like summer without a few days to unwind near the water or in the mountains - pick your poison. I'm currently in the mountains of Virginia with family for the weekend - and the red eye from the Seattle is to thank for today's #stylemuttspaces delay.

Now, on to the good stuff. We're back to Canada to tour Elaine's vintage home. 

Her home is chalk-full of eclectic finds, great texture, cool tones paired with typical warm mid-century elements, and lots of personality. 
From Elaine:

I like to throw in a dash of dirty ‘70s décor into my spaces (think vintage fibre art, rattan, brass and lots of crazy plant lady action). I also get a kick out of juxtaposing harder, more minimal pieces with organic, handmade elements. Nothing sexier than mixing materials — keeps things from looking too matchy-matchy.

Right away, we get to see the best vintage find of all - the Don Freedman wall hanging that totally makes the living room, which fellow Torontonian Jo @jmwearing hooked her up with. 

Freedman designed a whack of super fun and deliciously kooky fibre art for Interlude in the 70’s. The colours couldn’t go more perfectly with what we have going on in the living room and that wall was crying out for a little sum sum!

Despite its urban location, the decor channels an aesthetic that used to be typically found in the southwest - but now is taking locations far & wide by storm. 

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m staying at an Airbnb situated somewhere in Joshua Tree and not living in a rental in downtown Toronto. A girl can dream, no?

The whole home has the vibe of an artist's studio - relaxing, interesting, with plenty of conversation-starting pieces. It's the kind of place that absolutely inspires with quality pieces that have been carefully curated and melded together. What I love about Elaine is that she naturally leans toward one-of-a-kind items, so you won't find many big box purchases! 

And finally, Elaine leaves us with a big heaping for gratitude for this crazy design community of which we're all a part: 

I’ve just been awestruck about the amount of creativity, inspiration, and goodwill I’ve encountered from the online home décor and design community. At first I felt like a total goof hashtagging posts on Instagram—but then I realized that’s how you find your “people.”

Hashtags are how we came to find each other, so we certainly those same feelings. Thank you all for following along, and thank you to Elaine for showing  us around her gorgeous home. Follow along on Instagram at @lana_gto for more.