Reader Design: Linzi's Mod Apartment

Happy November, Mutts! I hope you all are slowly coming off your sugar highs - but we're here to keep the excitement going with a tour of Linzi's mod apartment in Providence, Rhode Island.

She and her longtime love and fiance Spencer love all things retro and have a true penchant for Ikea, with a heavy dose of thrift to keep things interesting.

We both grew up in upstate New York in a very small town where there wasn’t much to do. In high school, we loved to go thrifting and decorate our bedrooms in our respective houses with our small vintage finds. When we moved in together here in Providence, it was great to combine all our stuff and pick out our own larger pieces of furniture like bed frames and couches together.

Now, most people think of "basic" and "starter furniture" when they think of Ikea. But that really doesn't have to be the case. In our world of e-design, we know that Ikea can offer so many options for pretty and affordable furniture (this isn't an ad for Ikea, I promise). Linzi didn't shy away from the brand when designing her own home, though; in fact, she had to consciously reel herself in!

I think one of the biggest things I’ve wrestled with is loving Ikea almost too much. I love everything that place makes, but I had to step back and make sure I wasn’t living in a place that looked like it could be in their showroom.

I don't know about you guys, but I can hardly pick out the Ikea pieces in this space. Linzi and Spencer did such a great job adding character through both thrifted finds and family passdowns. In fact, Spencer was lucky enough to get one of the most incredible inherited record collections I've ever seen, gifted by his dad. Those records on display really help this couple achieve the overall feel they're going for:

I try to evoke a feeling that is fun and comfortable, in a vintage way. I want people to feel like they can come hang out with us and listen to a record.

Linzi also wasn't afraid to get hands-on to make this home special.

In the kitchen, my favorite pieces are the vintage wooden table chairs. I got all 4 for $10 each and put in a lot of elbow grease refinishing them (they were painted bright green before).

The retro and bauhaus vibe is carried through in every room, all the way to the bedroom. It's bright, happy, and effervescent, just like the 1960's era on which it draws.

Linzi, thank you so much for showing us around! We love what you've done with the place. Follow Linzi along on Instagram at @linziclary for more.

See you next week,

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MCM Dining Chairs ||2017 Flip List Item No.4||


I must have been riding a real high from last year's bucket list upholstery project when I added item No.4 to this year's Furniture Flip Bucket List.  I mean, what's 6 more chairs right?  So when I stumbled on a set of dining chairs at the thrift store I jumped at the chance to cross another item off my list.  

Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs

I figured they'd be easy-peasy: just recover the cushions and I'd be in business.  But not only did each chair need new fabric, they also needed to be sanded, touched up, and oiled.  I'd like to say my biceps are bulging from all that elbow grease I put in, but who am I kidding - biceps need actual muscle definition to be visible.  Ha!

Although they don't have an obvious maker's mark, these chairs have the signature Y-backs and tapered legs from the Broyhill Premiere Sculptra line - a collection of walnut pieces "luxurious in appearance...[but] modest in price" dating back to 1957.  

**Update** Since publishing this post, I have learned that although very similar to the Broyhill Premiere Sculptra line, these chairs are actually Kent Coffey Perspecta pieces.  Kent Coffey was also a mid-century designer and a leading Broyhill competitor in addition to being a friend and neighbor to James Broyhill himself. 

But if I was going to restore them back to their mid-mod glory, the suspiciously sticky brown vinyl  on my thifted chairs had to go.

So taking a cue from last year's chair, I recovered them in a white linen. 

I did think about recovering them in a patterned fabric but figure the white linen will make them more versatile for a buyer's decor.  Plus you can easily accent them with pillows or other other colorful accessories.

The set comes with 5 armless side chairs

and one captain's chair.

If you're in the DC metro area and in the market for some restored retro cuties (or a custom order like them), hit me up!

Set of 6 Kent Coffey Dining Chairs
Now Available for Sale

Three down, four to go.  Catch up on the 2017 Furniture Flip Bucket List.

Hairpin Legged China Cabinet

Big news!  No like really - this is my biggest-sized flip yet.  Clocking in at 71" tall, meet my first ever china cabinet:

I found him on half price day at the thrift store hiding underneath a wooden fish and wearing some plastic flowers like a laurel.  He was so petite without any legs that I almost didn't realize he's a china cabinet.  But upon closer inspection the wood was in impeccable condition and the sliding glass doors were without chips or scratches.  So I jumped at the chance to bring him home for my signature leg-lift.


I'm such a sucker for those warm wood tones that I couldn't bring myself to paint it.  All he needed was some minor repairs and some legs to stand on.

This piece features (1) a drawer for flatware

(2) two lower cabinets

(3) two sliding glass doors to keep dust off your displayed wares.

(4) beautiful angled lines true to it's Mid Century Modern age.

Also keeping with his mid century theme, I used MCM accessories to style it.  Those chartreuse Russell Wright dishes were a gift from my Aunt & Uncle and I've been dying to show them off.

The brass martini table seemed like the perfect mad-men touch and also a fitting pedestal to show off those fun 1-2-3 glasses I found recently at a consignment store.

If our apartment were bigger, I'd have half a mind to keep this guy!  But my loss is someone's else gain - he went to a new home just this weekend before I could debut him on the blog!

Hairpin Legged China Cabinet
37.5"W x 15.5"D x 71"H

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please email me at