Mirrored Suitcase Bar

Happiest Christmas style mutts!  We hope you spent the day snuggled with family (or framily: friends-who-are-basically-family) and made some special memories.  Be it the gifts or the gathering that made your day great, Chelsea and I sincerely wish the best to you and yours.  

Well, if you're anything like my tinsel-happy husband, you may be experiencing some PTCD today: post-traumatic Christmas disorder.  Am I right?  364 days of build-up can certainly leave you a little lack-luster on Dec 26 ;)  But fear not my friends!  There is still one more celebration just around the corner: New Year's Eve!  

Who's ready to host and end-of-the-year bash?  [insert eager hand-raising emoji right here].  Except I do have a teensy-weensy problem.  About 800sq. ft. teensy-weensy to be exact.  Other than the occasional family pop-by, Caleb and I have not hosted much of anyone in our small (but adorable) apartment.  As with our last place, floor space is prime real estate when you're renting so having a dedicated space to mixology isn't always a priority.  

This time last year, I introduced many of you to our small space solution pop-up bar.  So this year I'm actually putting one in the shop for any of my fellow apartment-dwelling, space slim DC area peeps.

This one is made from a vintage suitcase in impeccable condition.  Which I purchased at Sweet Clover Barn last spring while treasure hunting with Chelsea.  It's a gorgeous camel leather with a glossy sheen and brass accents.

The suitcase even comes with a key if you ever need to lock it up your liquor from Uncle Henry or your boosy cat (hey - I'm not judging, I just don't know what kind of parties you throw...).

The bar also comes with a natural wood base and a vintage tri-fold vanity mirror.  Both can be easily folded up if the bar needs to be stowed away - and the folded mirror even fits in the suitcase lid compartment.

Whatever your NYE will bring (be it throwing parties or just throwing back drinks) we hope you'll be safe while you're celebrating!

Mirrored Suitcase Bar
Now Available for Sale
Dimensions (open): 21"W x 15" D x 33"H
Dimensions (closed): 21"W x 15"D x 46"H
Price: $145

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please contact cate@stylemutthome.com.

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

Only 3 more days until Christmas!!!!  Admittedly I am equally counting down to spending time with family as I am to having a real break from my day job.  I haven't taken more than 2 days off for over a year so I am really really looking forward to a bit of an extended stay-cation.  As we count down to the holidays, I am also wrapping up some overdue flip debuts before getting ready to start rolling out new pieces in the new year.  

Remember my industrial sawhorse desk?  Well when the buyer came to pick it up last fall, it turns out she didn't need the 3-drawer hutch since she planned to float the desk in her office.  So she bought the desk, chair and lamp, and left the orphaned hutch drawers behind so I took the opportunity to play around with a new take on industrial-inspired storage.

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

I re-re-used the drawers to make a 3-tiered bookshelf with loads of storage.

I drilled two holes through the front and back of each drawer and threaded a section of galvanized pipe through.  Each dovetailed drawer hangs level and secure by resting on pipe coupling at one end and a heavy-duty wall bracket at the other.

The staggered heights provide visual interest while allowing space for art or plants.

I tested the weight limits of the unit myself by literally loading up every flat surface with all of our hardcover books.

At the top, a small section of pipe also secures to the wall for more stability. 

And another flange at the base can be secured to the floor too.

The entire length of pipe disassembles easily into 4 sections for transporting. 

You could even swing out the middle drawer and mount the whole unit into a corner for even more versatility.

I would love to see this baby go to a cool loft or some other city space!  If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please email cate@stylemutthome.com.

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf
Now Available for Sale
63"W x 7.5"D x 78"H

As we gather together this Christmas, Chelsea and I pray that your holiday is filled to the brim with treasured family time.  We hope that the hustle and bustle will fade away and we'll all be able to truly savor the real reason for the season.  Merry Christmas to you all!

Tricked-Out Industrial Desk

I seriously never know what's going to jump into my cart when I go thrifting.  But that's kind of the point though: go out with open expectations and see what projects will reveal themselves to you.  And on a recent treasure/ trash hunt, I came home with these babies:


Right away I noticed they were just the right height for an industrial-style desk but I needed to find a desk top.  In the spirit of using what you have, I dug up that old  tri-fold chalkboard we used as a giant program at our wedding and decided to repurpose one of the panels.

The chalkboard had been collecting dust in our garage for a few years with the exception of when it got a moss & bookpage makeover to be the "something borrowed" at a dear friend's wedding:

But collecting dust does no one any good (especially if you have allergies) so I introduced a chalkboard panel to one of the sawhorses and they hit it off!

How perfect is that?  The chalkboard surface makes it easy to jot down tasks that can be wiped clean when completed.

I built the hutch out of 3 old drawers that can be reconfigured to suit.  They were also collecting (saw)dust in the garage from a dresser that was too damaged for me to repair and were serving no purpose until I also introduced them to the sawhorse and chalkboard.

They're like a blended family - Mr. industrial Sawhorse meet slender Chalkboard and they adopt three orphaned drawers to make a little desk family.


The desk also comes with a pet cLamp (which is Cate for "clamp lamp").  

It has adjustable angles and an on switch on the cord.  And unclamps for easy repositioning.

(To be honest with you, I'm not sure what person I staged this piece for: a college-bound hipster majoring in psychology with a double minor in botany and art maybe?)

Chelsea and I are currently hatching a plan for the other sawhorse as we speak so you'll have to stay tuned to find out what juicy client project that will turn out to be...

Oh and the lucky buyer of the Desk family can also opt to take home uncle Chair (complete with black leather and thick retro vibes) at no extra charge. 

Industrial Sawhorse Desk [ + Hutch + Lamp + Chair]
[Sawhorse Desk] 72"L x 17.25"D x 30"H
[Re-Configurable Hutch Drawer Shelves] 34"L x 14"W Each
Price: $245

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please contact cate@stylemutthome.com.