Reader Design: Erin's Fresh Space

We're off to Pittsburgh today, mutts! A great, interesting East Coast city that's especially great (or so I hear) during football season. Erin's fresh and ecletic home, though, is perfect in any season. 

IMG_6795 (2).jpg

This place is chalk full of unique and interesting finds. The closet home I've seen like Erin's is an Airbnb I stayed in in London earlier this year that had artwork of actual human skulls...  you know your home is different and interesting when you're on THAT level. Erin's design inclinations may be due to her inherent taste, her attraction to rare things, and perhaps, something as simple as geography.

Well, I was born and raised in South Carolina, and I spent 6 years in Manhattan on the Upper East Side, so I like to think my style is combination of those regional elements— the laid-back, classic comfort of the south sprinkled with the refined glam of New York City.

You'll probably quickly note that Erin's home doesn't have many traces of trendiness; she does a great job of staying true to her tastes, using trendy elements sparingly. 

There are definitely trends that I have gone ga-ga over, and it is hard to refrain sometimes. I fell prey to a chevron duvet a few years ago, which still makes me cringe a little looking back! It’s one of the oldest design mantras in the book, but I think the key is using in moderation, and keeping the super trendy things limited to throw pillows or artwork, items that can be easily (and inexpensively) changed out later if you decide you are tired of it or the trend has passed.

Reeling yourself in and only keeping trendy elements to ones that are easy to swap out later is truly easier said than done, but Erin, you make it look easy - and the trends Erin does select, like over-saturated rugs and a pedestal table, still look timeless and functional. In addition to being unique, Erin values comfort just as much.

You know when you see pictures of beautiful rooms that stop you in your tracks and think - “Wow, that is so stunning! But I don’t feel like I could sit on any of that furniture!” I want it to feel the exact opposite of that.

Every choice in Erin's home seems to just invite you in - either physically, saying 'take a seat,' or emotionally, inviting you to ask a question or dive deeper into the story. 

In the bedroom, one of Erin's favorite pieces is the framed art above the bed, which is actually a vintage Hermes scarf. 

I love the nautical theme & pastel colors (I grew up sailing). I based my entire NYC studio design around it when I lived there, and later our master bedroom when I got married. Luckily my husband isn’t too picky about the pink!

Erin, your home is special indeed. Thanks for the tour! Follow Erin along on Instagram at @mediumalistdesign.

See you next week!

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Reader Design: Jen's Fresh Crush Camper

It's finally Friday!  Can I get a Fri-Yay?!  We've been so pumped about the flood of Reader Design submissions that we can hardly contain ourselves.  But we've decided we want to give everyone their full moment in the spotlight and save these juicy reveals for the end of each week.  Lucky for you, it's the weekend and we've got an alternative space for your viewing pleasure.  

Ok like me, you may have noticed that decking out an itty-bitty-living space is all the rage these days.  But tiny cabins and converted school buses are just the hipsters of the movement: catching on to the trend after it's been around for a good long while.  Let's not forget the origins of tiny living dates back to the 1920's with this little number:

The Camper

Ok.  It's not much to look at.  But that's because this was before Jen from Fresh Crush got her magical hands on this diamond in the rough.  

You remember Jen right?  I mean how could you forget her master bedroom & foyer Reader Design.

WHAT?!?  You don't know what Reader Designs are?  Shun the non-believer!  I bet you even have an entry of your own to share.  Why would you deprive us of your unique point of view?!?!  Reader Designs are an open invitation to share your unique design and creativity.  There are no requirements to be a professional decorator or even a fellow blogger. The purpose of Reader Designs is simply to share incredible rooms with fresh ideas and document these features in our SPACES section to use as a reference of inspiration.

Oh, I see!  That's not the issue.  The issue is you don't know how to enter your space.  Well that's an easy fix.  Just tag #stylemuttspaces on Instagram or post your pics right onto our Facebook wall! 

Ok, now that you're in the loop - back to today's sensational space:

The Glamper

BAM!  Betcha didn't see that coming!

It used to be that when I thought "camper," I pretty much pictured what Jen initially found when she acquired hers: 

A big, smelly, mysterious pile of YIKES.

Jen, how you could see this jewel somewhere in of all that I shall never know.

From Jen:

"This project was around for a few Summer seasons! But it was so much fun. The goal was to keep a vintage retro look, but modernize it a little... and keep it cheery! My husband and I had a blast figuring out every little detail from new exterior paint, to new upholstery and lighting. There isn't a square inch we haven't touched and updated, and we love every minute we spent in this beauty, all Summer long with our family. A big step up from tenting!"

I'll say!  I'd like to check into my room please.

I can't imagine what kind of spring cleaning it took to strip it down to the bare bones.  Unrecognizable!

And Jen didn't bottle up her personal touches on the inside:

  She gave it some glam on the outside too.

How inviting!

And polite too!

Yup, Jen's got herself a keeper with this camper.  Thank you so much darling for sharing such an epic space!  Don't forget to pop over to Fresh Crush to see the complete camper reno and to what else she's cooked up.  

We hope you have an inspired weekend my friends!  Ok maybe not to go camping in this weather we're having.  But if I had myself a glamper... 

Jen, if it's not still parked outside tomorrow...