Mariella's Glamorous Home Base

Our next StyleMutt Spaces feature is a true treat. Mariella, originally from Lima, Peru, has graciously welcomed us into her home. And it could not be any clearer that this is Mariella's sanctuary. That is, if said sanctuary were black, white, and BOLD. 

If you take some time to look closely at the way Mariella has put together her house, one thing will become very clear. Her style is seriously her own. I asked Mariella a couple of questions about how she finds inspiration, and let me tell you - she does not disappoint. 

My decor is a mix of influences, places I’ve visited, dramatic color palettes and mostly the places where we come from. I’m Peruvian and my husband is Persian. Mirrors and gold are part of our cultural heritage!

There is no fear in this space. I don't see a single ounce of hesitation, or trepidation, or 'but is this what everyone is doing these?' concerns. 

I don’t believe in trends - except for wallpaper being back, which is just wonderful! When we moved into this apartment, there was a huge red ‘accent wall’ covering the dining and living room. It was awful, and I immediately knew we needed to start with a neutral palette and build the room from there. Everything can and should be adapted to create a space that feels truly yours. Paint is one of your best allies.

Now, time for three rhetorical questions that I just need to throw into the universe: (1) How can black possibly look so bright? I know I live in a basement but STILL. (2) Can we talk about the rope art? You know that Chelsea and Cate are the masters of DIY, and I think this is something we need to quickly add to our StyleMutt roster! (3) Is anyone else sad that watermelon season is almost over? See: those cocktails on the table. Nailed it, Mariella! 

At the end of the day, this space is timeless - and Mariella's final words are some to live by. 

I adore sophisticated glamorous spaces. I believe everyday is important and should be celebrated.

Thank you for inviting us into your home. For more inspiration on how to 'Hollywood glamify' (I made that up... does it work?) your own home, follow Mariella along on Instagram at @splendorstyling or on her blog.

See you next week!

Thanksgiving tablescapes: Three simple designs

Hello one and all! I couldn't be more excited about our topic of discussion today: Thanksgiving tablescapes! I know there are brilliant ideas floating around Pinterest, magazines and in the design world, but my desire is that this post reaches you a little differently. Thanksgiving might be my favorite day of the entire year. I have the best memories of shared conversations and laughter, good jokes, (and bad), looking back over the year and sharing plans for the year ahead, and mostly, the faces of those near and dear to my heart. These things are far more important to me than what the spread looks like.

I love and admire this scene by Norman Rockwell.

tablescape by norman rockwell.jpg

Notice anything in particular in this picture, (besides a thousand things)? Nothing decorating the table. No spectacular arrangement, not a single candle.. Would that be so hard?

I don't know about you, but for me? YES! I adore decorating and making things pretty. That's not something I feel anyone should ever apologize for or feel ashamed of. It's very calming to work on ones home. So, how can we create a simpler Thanksgiving table that highlights the faces around it, rather than hides them?

I designed three tablescapes to use for inspiration. They're all simple, budget friendly, and can be whipped out in very little time. Let's have fun!

Tablescape no.1: Whiteout

Whether you're stuck on how to dress your table for the Thanksgiving meal, or desire a clean, quiet spread, you can't go wrong with a whiteout. It's easy to pull off, (no scratching your head to choose colors and patterns), linens can be thrown in the wash with bleach afterwards, and separate pieces can be used as-is year round, or for other creative projects down the road, (like fabric dying or adding pom-pom trim).

If you desire some height in your tablescape, I suggest something thin and 'see-through', so the piece doesn't' prevent anyone from seeing those across the table. These branches from our backyard are perfect since they're twiggy and easy to look through, (and the squirrels let us have them for free!! So sweet...)

Gold dipped silverware, (howdy-do, Dollar Tree!), add just a touch of sophistication and glam to each place setting. Tip: I just used Rustoleum Metallic Gold spray paint. It adheres perfectly and the texture feels consistent with the rest of the handle. (It was my first time trying this so just thought I'd share my thoughts)

Tablescape no.2: Sophisticated Black + White 

If you desire a stronger table presence, this bold mix of patterns in a striking black and white color scheme is a sure winner. With some subtle touches of gold, (the gold dipped silverware, trim around the dessert plates, and sconces in the center), this table setting looks special and sophisticated without being overly formal. 

A touch of green always breathes life into a room. It doesn't take much for an impact and these snips off of one of my indoor plants are doing the trick.

Table runner, (Threshold), and dessert plates, (Nate Berkus), are waiting for you at Target. Stunning, aren't they?!

Tip: If there will be children at the Thanksgiving table, consider keping a basket of books, activity books, or coloring books close to the table so that when kids are finished they can grab one to enjoy at the table while the adults chat, or on their way out of the room once they're excused.

Tablescape no.3: Rustic Colors

This is the most relaxed of the three. I decided to pair a burnt orange table runner, (Target, by Threshold), with some branches from our backyard and simple white candles and dinnerware. 

This tablescape would not welcome food on the table since there's a tangle of branches running the full length, however it would be well suited for a buffet style meal where guests fill their plates and come back to their seat. You could still fit salt and pepper and other condiments in and around the branches.

Three very different tablescapes that are equally lovely and festive,  but none feel too heavy or overdone. Let's open the tablescapes a bit to make room for special moments and sweet memories, shall we?

Thank you all for stopping by!