Neon || 2018 Flip List Item No.7

Guys!  I made a thing.  Well technically I made two.  Besides a new dresser, I've got another 2018 Flip List item to reveal:


Item No.7: Experiment with Neon


You were expecting me to do a neon paint treatment werentcha?  Well I'm not ruling that out just yet, but when I set this goal in mind I actually really wanted to DIY a neon sign.


I started researching my options and I found out there are actual kits for the stuff!  I decided to order this super affordable one from Urban Outfitters.


The kit instruction were very easy to follow and basically just involved lashing the neon rope to wire which I twisted into the word "Mutt" for obvious reasons.  It does have a very subtle hum when it's turned on (like the kind you can only hear if you're under 30 years) so it's a good thing I'm creeping up on the big 3-0.  HA!

Switch gears with me really quick and let's talk about the other new kid in the room: this white and walnut dresser.


The drawer fronts were in great shape so I really did debate highlighting the wood grain, but I was seeing a very specific vision for it in my mind so everything but the legs got painted a glassy white.


The original dresser did have some damage to fix - the big undertaking being the mystery gnaw marks in the left front leg.  Normally, I would putty that in and slap on some paint but I really reeeeeeeeally wanted to keep the base wood so I had to hand paint the filler with some acrylic paint to match the rest of the wood grain in the leg.


Can you tell?


I love the contrast of the dark legs against the white enameled body - a luxury finish!


You might actually recognize the unusual pulls on this piece from another StyleMutt refinishing project.  That's because this long-and-low is actually from the same line as that tallboy I did last spring.  Just like I did with that piece, I kept the original brass pulls as is 'cuz I mean, they are just. that. yummy.


As for the styling, I wanted to punctuate the bright neon sign with some bright-colored art like that enchanting Laura Gunn gallery-wrapped canvas print (cue all the heart eyes!).  Accenting with my usual quirky décor also seemed like a natural fit.


And if you're looking for a beautiful dresser to anchor your space, drop me a line (aka just shoot me an email) to discuss our pick-up or shipping options. 

White + Walnut Sideboard
Now Available for Sale
60"W x 18"D x 30.5"H

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, email me at to ask about availability and our shipping policy.

Two down, five to go.  Catch up on the 2018 Furniture Flip Bucket List:

Flip-Off: Chelsea's MCM Restoration

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! We sure have enjoyed sharing our flip-off pieces with you this week and you may be thankful to know that this is the last post of the bunch! Hah! Much like Cate's story, I had out of this world plans for these pieces when they came into my possession, but ultimately convenience, budget and using what I had on hand won out.

My original plan involved actually making these two pieces into one 6-drawer dresser. I was going to deconstruct them completely, giving them a new top and base, and attach them together from the inside. But then I saw them side by side and realized I wanted their future owner to have the choice between using them as one unit or as two!

After giving them a shiny coat using Rustoleum Protective Enamel in High Gloss White, and new tapered angled legs, I decided that hardware would be my best bet for giving the illusion of one piece. I wanted something sleek and thin, but easy to grab hold of - when I saw this 'L' shaped wood molding at Home Depot it was perfect! I cut the pieces to fit the width of each drawer, stained them in Hickory wood stain, (same as I used on the legs), and screwed them into the pieces! When the pieces are side by side, the long pulls create the unified, sleek look I envisioned!

Now these pieces look fantastic side-by-side and could be used as a dresser, or apart as nightstands! My number one motive when refinishing a piece of furniture is versatility. Since I am more likely to spend my money on something that can be used multiple ways, I think that way as a flipper as well.

This pair got snatched up quick but I've got more goodies coming out of the garage soon!

Thank you so much for joining us this week with our mini-flip-off series! Your kind words have been so encouraging to both Cate and I and we certainly count you among our blessings this Thanksgiving. We'll be taking the rest of the week off to spend time with family and friends, but will be back next week getting ready for Christmas!

Gobble, gobble, yo.

Flip-Off: Cate's MCM Restoration

I'm driving down a country road and I'm hopelessly lost.  Typical.  But after reviewing google maps at quaint old-fashioned gas station, I'm on my way again practically chomping at the bit to see this craigslist find in person.  My GPS tells me to turn down a street that's not even paved - just gravel.  This is the moment where the banjo's from Deliverance start playing in my head.  Could some savvy psycho be luring me to my death with mid-century-modern furniture?  I'd have to hand it to them if so - MCM at a steal is the perfect bait.  I should really fear for my life more... but pieces are solid walnut...   By now I'm turning off the gravel road onto a gravel driveway.  It swoops around a shed and up a hill only to dead-end at the most adorable cottage with a charming garden.  I am greeted by kind smiles from the homeowners who have lined the chest quadruplets on their garden wall just for me - it feels like a homecoming parade.  


Clearly I didn't need to have my husband on speed-dial in my pocket for this craigslist interaction.  Turns out Donna and her husband couldn't have been more welcoming or accommodating.  We start talking while they helped me load up all four beauties and it became obvious that we were kindred spirits.  Not only do they have a Younglife background like Caleb's family but they have a daughter who's a fellow home decor enthusiast and is also married to a Special Ed teacher/ coach.  Uncanny.  


I'm convinced that stumbling across this ad was a divine arrangement.  And as Chelsea explained in yesterday's post, we had big joint plans for these babies.  So what do you get when two sisters-in-law take identical pairs of furniture pieces to flip in total secrecy from each other?


[Or just two creative sets of furniture relatives]

So let's take a closer look at my restorative approach to the flip-off:

Driving over to pick them up, I had every drastic transformation idea rolling through my head.  But once I saw them in person at Donna's house, I fell in love.  I just wanted them to see them returned to their former glory.

For starters, they need gold double-breasted-button-like hardware.  It just so happened that I had some I could harvest from the "white monster" and all I had to do was deepen the original yellowy/brassy finish with our favorite faux gold technique.  I also debated doing an angled tapered leg like Chelsea did but had four straight mounting brackets already lying around.  So convenience won out all around.

And of course I couldn't wait to grab Chelsea's Axel Co. reclaimed wood hexagon shelf to style with.  

Other than the hardware and legs, all I really needed to do was restore the glassy finish [I applied a coat of minwax polyshades in pecan with a foam brush].  Ugh look at that juicy wood grain shine!!

As we are in the throws of moving, and I'm scrambling to furbish our new 800 sq.ft. apartment with functional pieces, these dapper gentlemen are now flanking our bed for some much needed extra storage.  I'm still unpacking so more photos will be coming soon once the sea of cardboard subsides.  

And don't forget to stop by tomorrow to get more deets from Chelsea on her show-stopping two-tone flip!