DIY Nightstands || Flip List Item No.7 ||

Remember in 2015 when I vowed to build my own bakers rack and then flaked out?  Or when I tried again in 2016 and this happened:

Well after this unfortunate fail, I realized lofty goals are all well and good but I should really build my carpentry skills from the ground up.  Hence item No.7 on my 2017 Furniture Flip Bucket List.


 But guess what guys...  I built something!  No really - I BUILT something (well).


I used all the right tools in all the right places and I can't help but be so proud of how they turned out!  And the best part is, you can build these bad boys too.  I'm sharing the full tutorial over on Apartment Therapy today if you're game to hone your carpentry skills too.

Final 3.jpg

And if you're local to the DC Metro area (but not quite ready to roll up your sleeves and build your own), this pair is available for purchase!

Final 1.jpg

Pair of Scandi-Style Nightstands
Now Available for Sale
19"W x 11"D x 22"H each
$345 for the pair

If you are interested in this pair or a custom order like it, please contact me at


Six down, one to go.  Catch up on the 2017 Furniture Flip Bucket List.

Brass Finger-Pull Dresser || Flip List Item No.2 ||

Happy Labor Day style mutts!  As you may have seen in our posts last week, we've had some exciting news to share - including my debut DIY post on Apartment Therapy.  This little dresser was in desperate need of some MAJOR repairs, but it it ended up being the perfect dresser for the next item on my 2017 Furniture Flip Bucket List.  


The Before


Now because this poor little dresser had so much damage (which I will go into more here on Wednesday), after all the repairs - I really had no choice but to paint.

I resurrected my new fave color of choice: Black Boudoir by Behr Paint (same color I used on this two-toned flip in the spring).  Once the paint dried, it was time for hardware - and as you may know, I have been stockpiling this brass hardware since over a year ago.  Although these are designed to be library-like pulls mounted on the front of a drawer, I had other plans for these bad boys...

I wanted to figure out if I could mount them upside-down to the top of the drawers and make my own finger pulls like the hardware on Chelsea's christmastime flip from last year.

Because of the narrow gap between the drawers and the decorative trim, I needed something with a lower profile than a traditional screw to attach the hardware - so I went with brass tacks.

Tacks aren't designed to withstand a hit from a hammer, so I used a rubber mallet to tap in each tack gently.  And...

It worked!

I had just enough clearance for the hardware!  The end result - a handsome double-breasted gent of a dresser.

Don't forget to circle back here come Wednesday for more details on how I rebuilt some of the dresser's splintered trim FROM SCRATCH (and a tutorial so you can do it too ;).

Brass Finger-Pull Dresser
Now Available for Sale
34"L x 18"W x 44"H

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please contact me at

Five down, two to go.  Catch up on the 2017 Furniture Flip Bucket List.