Masculine Two-Tone Dresser

I know - shop inventory has been light.  But that's actually good news for StyleMutt Home.  It means that we've been busy working on some of our eDesign projects like this one and this one.  This new branch of our business is growing rapidly which means our furniture flips have become less frequent.  But luckily spring cleaning + yard sales go hand-in-hand this time of year and I found a new (free!) project I just couldn't pass up!

Photo Mar 11, 6 13 47 PM.jpg

When I first saw him, I actually liked the black and gold he was rockin'.  Yeah he was a little beat up.  And was reading a little 80's to me.  But look at those lines!  I decided to keep with his darker hues but modernize him a little.

I chose to refinish it in a color called Black Boudoir by Behr. It's a dark color that dances between gray, black, and blue - which I think makes him a bit more mysterious.

The dark color allows the unusual brass handles to pop.

But instead of painting the whole piece, I stripped the paint off the sides to reveal the beautiful wood grain.

Chelsea and I have often favored two-toned flips in the past:

Our MO is usually to do a white + wood combo.  But this time I wanted to take a different spin on it by doing the dark + wood.

The dresser's maker's mark says this piece is a local!  From Waynesboro, VA to be exact.

I kept the styling more masculine in color pallet but still playful with the amazing hanging planters from Apollo Box.

They come in three delicate shapes (tear drop, diamond, and chemistry flask) and look pretty with living or dried greens in them. 

Disclaimer: affiliate links ahead

Apollo Box is an online shopping platform that celebrates the act of discovery. Apollo Box is dedicated to providing customers with creative products and unique gifts they can get excited about. With their AR shopping feature in the Apollo Box app, they designed a new way to play and share virtual products before you buy them.

They have LOADS of stuff ranging in home décor to tech gadgets.  I've rounded up a few of my favorite quirky finds if you don't want to wade through the vast selection.  If you  like these hanging planters or are in the market for some of their other fares - use code STYLEMUTT for 15% OFF at checkout!

There's more inventory in my garage that will be following this guy to the shop - so stay tuned friends!

Dark + Wood MCM Dresser
39"W x 18"D x 42.5"H

If you're interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please email

Hunter Green Campaign Chest ||And the Craigslist Experiment Results||

Back in August, I decided to conduct a little Craigslist experiment in order to test a theory.  Basically, my hypothesis was that a reserved and sophisticated muted teal piece would sell faster than my usual edgier and bolder color choices.  

1 month in, and I had a few nibbles but no solid bites.  I re-baited by lowering the price  and still hadn't "hooked" anyone.  Then I stumbled on a unique opportunity to test my theory even better.

No I didn't repaint the muted teal dresser.  I actually found an almost identical 7 drawer dresser.


Chelsea and have been crushing on hunter greens lately.  If we had our way, we'd write it in on the color-of-the-year ballot.  Scratch that, we'd probably write it in for President.  After Chelsea rolled out this piece in "Scholar Green" by Ralph Lauren, I think I started salivating at the thought of doing a piece of my own in such a moody shade.  When I found myself with another long-and-low campaign piece, it was a no brainer. 

Since the brass campaign chest was the same in size and scale, it was the perfect opportunity to pit a newer trendier color against the "safer" muted teal piece,


The second chest had brass recessed pulls and decorative T-braces indicative of a true campaign piece.

The hue is dark and moody and could be a little risky for a potential buyer.  In person, it has a velvety, buttery texture.

Taking a cue from the hue, I went all equestrian with my styling.  

The wall hanging was an easy vintage-inspired DIY that cost less than $10.


The camel leather "riding" boots and plaid blanket scarf were also inspired by my favorite fall weather (and hey, I'm really just looking for any occasion to break them out).

Although Chelsea and I are firm believers that dark green is the new neutral, not everyone can be so easily committed to such a strong look.  For that reason, I decided to style as both a living room credenza and a bedroom dresser in hopes that it would show its versatility.

On the left, the  living room credenza has a stack of books and decorative plant.


While on the right, the bedroom dresser has a makeshift vanity station on a simple tray.

So let's get to the results of my expanded experiment: last month, a potential buyer set up an appointment set up an appointment because the green piece had caught her eye, but when she arrived she realized the muted teal piece was more suited for her new home in the suburbs and purchased it instead!

The green chest sold to a fabulous inner-city couple a little over a week later.  Interestingly enough, both pieces went for about the same price.  Even though the muted teal sold first, it had been listed for nearly 2 months and only "accidentally" got a buyer.  The hunter green was only listed for a grand total of 2 weeks.  Ergo, my results are a tad inconclusive.  But hey, I didn't go to school for scientific research now, did I? LOL.

Dark Green Campaign Chest
56"W x 18"D x 29.25"H

Even though this handsome gent already sold, you can always contact me about a custom order!