Stupid Late Hardware || 2018 Flip List Item No.4

A few months back, I had the privilege of working with a client on a custom order.


NY Bound Custom Order

November 2017

We had decided on these beautiful pulls but our timeline was tight so I put in a rush order.  


But by some quirk in the system, the hardware ended up taking the scenic route through who-knows-where snail mail land and I had to go with an unconventional alternative to meet my clients deadline.

Stupid Hardware.  Why you gotta play me like that?


I kid you not, as the shipping company was pulling away with my client’s precious dresser cargo... UPS pulled up and unceremoniously tossed my package of hardware at my feet then drove away.  


I could have returned them.  I really could.  I didn’t charge my client for them so it'd be my money I’d be getting back. 

But they were so stupidly beautiful.

So I added the I-wanna-hate-you-but-I-love-you brass pulls to the 2018 Furniture Flip Bucket List and I waited for the next suitable piece...


This 6-foot 6-drawer dresser:

Photo Feb 26, 7 34 23 PM.png

And transformed it to this:


Alright you brass pulls. You really can slay.


The color is our favorite "Scholar Green" by Ralph Lauren.


I was trying to recreate this fresh look from Chelsea's hunter green flip circa last year...


Mid-Century in 'Scholar Green'

January 2017

My original plan was to strip the base down and leave it bare blonde wood just like Chelsea did.  But when I sanded it down, I found that the legs and front bar where two very different types of wood and there was no sanding out that reddish color.  So I leaned into it and stained the whole base in a cabernet.


Plus those red wood tones make the perfect compliment to styling with my terracotta collection (like I need an excuse - I’m certifiably obsessed).


As I am also with plants.  Plus, to mix things up, I used the Tapti rug by Mela Artisans as a wall tapestry.


Well hardware, I’m a little less mad at you, but maybe helping me sell this big beautiful behemoth will officially get you out of the doghouse. Email me about picking up in Leesburg or about your third-party shipping options.

Hunter Green 6ft Dresser
Now Available for Sale
72"L x 18"D x 30"H

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please contact me at

Three down, Four to go.  Catch up on the 2018 Furniture Flip Bucket List:

Blue + Wood Sideboard ||with a storied past||

Did you all hear our big news?  We just scored ourselves a gem of an intern!  I guess it's been a lucky week for us because I also recently scored this credenza off my local craigslist.

The piece had good bones but the poorly-done black lacquer just had to go.  I still had some Compass Blue by Behr Marquee left from this campaign dresser flip I did last year and taking a page from Chelsea's recent hunter green piece where she painted the body but left the legs wood, I came up with this:

Blue-hoo! (that's blue for wahoo!)

The paneling on the left hides three large drawers - the top one with dividers for utensils or what-have-yous.

The other side of the sideboard is a cabinet with half open shelving and three more drawers for ample storage.


Besides good bones, this piece also came with quite the pedigree!  I uncovered a few fun finds in one of the drawers which I posted about on instagram.

I like to think that this piece belonged to a version of myself in a previous life.  A version of myself who received a letter from a friend with excellent taste in jewelry, and then tucked it away in her beautiful credenza so she wouldn't forget to "make arrangements," and then promptly forgot about it because it got buried in that drawer along with the original credenza's informational tag because she keeps EVERYTHING.   And is also named Barbara apparently.  But thanks to my former self Barbara-the-Hoarder, I now know that this storage piece was made by American of Martinsville for the Dania Collection - can you spot the original dresser in the images below?  


See I always knew holding on to everything would come in handy one day.

I chose wooden knobs for the cabinet doors that had faceted gold corners to play off of the wood in the legs and the angles of the drawer fronts.

Based on the drawings in Barbara's pamphlet, this guy was missing some legs so I had to fit him with some prosthetics [or in this case, tapered legs].

I styled this bad boy with my beloved kilim pillow children er... covers.  I simply hung them with vintage wooden pant hangers to give the wall some textured drama. 

Add in some fun finds like these ceramic pyramids found at Sweet Clover Barn this past spring, a lamp, and a plant and you have yourself quite the eclectic vignette.

Oh and if you're local my friends, this gem is ready for a new home!   Original American of Martinsville credenzas from the Dania collection can go for anywhere between $900 and $4,000 but this blue guy [complete with all his papers] is a deal!

Blue + Wood Sideboard
60"W x 18.5"D x 34.5"H

If you are interested in this piece or a custom order like it, please contact me at

Playing with Jewel Tones

Guys!  I have a new apartment!  More importantly though, said new apartment has a GARAGE!!!  You know what that means my friends... I finally have my own StyleMutt workshop!  No more slugging pieces up flights of apartment stairs [and by me I mean Caleb].  No more heavy chemicals in the kitchen.  No more painting piece on the balcony - much to the amusement of our befuddled neighbors.  And since we moved in November, I've acquired not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new pieces to work on at once...  Praise the Lord for concrete floors, unloading in the driveway, and storage space.  I promise to give you a decor tour of our actually living space this week, but in the mean time one of my projects needs your input ;)  I have a STATEMENT of a dresser in the queue for furniture flip bucket list item number 5 [why do I always go out of order?!?]

Jewel Tones Text.jpg

Let's take a look at our pre-jeweled candidate.  Ain't she a beaut?  My super strong and oh-so-talented younger sister-in-law Casey [Chelsea's lil sis] helped me pick up this lovely lady.

With the help of some handy-dandy rendering, I have mocked up this dresser in some bright colors and would love your input!  Some of these colors I've used before in refinishes but I'm not ruling any repeats out just yet.  I want the dresser to tell me what color it wants [and you all too].  So first up, let's try on teal:

Yes yes I know what you're thinking - Cate, haven't we seen this color from you before...?  And you're right.  I have done a teal & gold one-two knock-out punch combo before with this lil bamboo number:

I just can't help myself.  I look at that teal rendering and I get giddy.  But I have more colors to try on so I'm open to being swayed...  Next up: Poppy.

There's just something about a pop of red am I right?  I could see her all done up in scarlet, making a statement in any room like this little she-devil: 

But what about an enchanting emerald?  Chelsea won me over with her emerald highboy last fall and I've been aching to give green a go of my own.

Green pieces are becoming more and more a symbol of luxe in the home - a saturated viridescent could be a winning hit for some shopper.

Or maybe I go really bold with a vivid magenta...

It's girly and glam and would be a show-stopping moment.  But would it be too risky for a prospective buyer?

I've always been drawn to a rich Chartreuse!  Anthro has the right idea here with a green-gold campaign piece.  

But again, is citron too decor forward or should I say decorward?

And then there's navy.  Another color I have played with before.  Last year I put a navy & gold dresser on my 2015 flip list and I LOVED how it turned out on this campaign piece.  


Even though the blue came out more saturated in these photos, a deep deep blue was such a winning look.  

Perhaps it's indulgent to include navy in my jewel-tone prospects but I couldn't help but mock up this long-and-low in a deep navy.  Where magenta and chartreuse may be too risky, navy is rapidly becoming the new neutral and so easy in integrate with any home's style.

so what say you?  Which of these gems would you like to see come to life?  I'd love your feedback in the comments below or on vote on instagram!